S103 Episode Three

Title: Kidnap and Ransom
Genre: crime/police procedurals/violence/
Episode: S103 Episode Three
Runtime: 60 minutes
Airdate AU: Friday 17 February 2011 at 2130hrs
Airdate AU: Friday 24 Febraury 2011 at 2130hrs
Original airdate UK: Thursday 27 January 2011
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Network AU: ABC1
Network UK: ITV
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Cast: Trevor Eve as Dominic King,John Hannah as Alexander Willard, Helen Baxendale as Angela Beddoes, Natasha Little as Sophie, Amara Karan as Carrie, David James as Dieter, Emma Fielding as Naomi Shaffer

Crew Executive Producers are Trevor Eve and Johnathan Young. Producer is Trevor Hopkins and Director is Andy Wilson. The series has been written by acclaimed scriptwriter Patrick Harbinson

Synopsis: Dominic’s fears for Naomi are proved correct when he finds out that her daughter Sally has been kidnapped.

It quickly becomes clear that Willard is after something far more lucrative than money. Dominic allows the police to become involved but they underestimate the intelligence of the kidnappers, with shocking results.

Dominic also has his own family crisis when Tess leaves home but he has little time to put things right.

Willard will only deal with Dominic so he decides to go it alone to get Sally back. But can he get hold of what they’re demanding?

Who exactly is Willard working with? And at the handover, can Dominic really let him go?

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