S101 Episode One

Title: Kidnap and Ransom

Genre: crime/police procedurals/violence/
Episode: S101 Episode One
Runtime: 60 minutes
Airdate AU: Friday 4 Febraury 2011 at 2130hrs
Airdate AU: Friday 11 Febraury 2011 at 2130hrs
Original airdate UK: Thursday 13 January 2011
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Network AU: ABC1
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Network UK: ITV
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Cast: Trevor Eve as Dominic King,John Hannah as Alexander Willard, Helen Baxendale as Angela Beddoes, Natasha Little as Sophie, Amara Karan as Carrie, David James as Dieter, Emma Fielding as Naomi Shaffer

Crew: Executive Producers are Trevor Eve and Johnathan Young. Producer is Trevor Hopkins and Director is Andy Wilson. The series has been written by acclaimed scriptwriter Patrick Harbinson

Synopsis: When a businesswoman (Emma Fielding) is kidnapped in South Africa, expert hostage negotiator Dominic King (Trevor Eve) believes he’s dealing with a straightforward case, pay the money, get her back.

With the help of his colleagues, Dominic quickly establishes that the kidnappers are amateur street kids and out of their depth. Haunted by memories of his previous negotiation failing, he is keen to secure Naomi’s swift release. Despite having to leave his family again so soon, he flies to Cape Town to appease the kidnappers’ demand by promising $100,000 in cash.

But when the release is botched and they strike again in Britain, the kidnapper, Willard’s (John Hannah) motives become far more sinister.

With trouble brewing at home with his wife Sophie (Natasha Little) and teenage daughter, and his team, boss Angela (Helen Baxendale) and ambitious assistant Carrie (Amara Karan) pushed to the limit, King must draw on all his reserves to bring the victims home alive.

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