Title: Framed

Genre: drama/
Runtime: 90+/- minutes
Premieres AU: Sunday 12 December 2010 at 2100hrs
Original airdate UK: Monday 31 August 2010
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Network AU: ABC1
Network UK: BBC
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Cast: Quentin Lester is played by Trevor Eve, Dylan Hughes by Samuel Davies, Minnie Hughes by Mari Ann Bull, Bethan-Mum Hughes by Nicola Reynolds, Dad-Daffyd Hughes by Mark Lewis Jones, Marie Hughes by Gwyneth Keyworth, Angharad Stannard by Eve Myles, Tom Ellis by Matthew Aubrey, Mr Davis by Robert Pugh, Reynolds by Guy Henry, Marnie by Nina Sosanya, Gary Evans by Tim Treloar, Jade Evans by Jodie Bird, Mrs Porty by Olwen Medi, National Gallery Director by James Woolley, Edith Sellwood by Margaret John, Edna Sellwood by Gwyneth Petty

Crew: Framed was written by Frank Cottrell Boyce, direction by Andy De Emmony, produced by Richard Burrell and the executive producer was Jessica Pope

Production house: BBC Drama Productions for BBC One

Preface Trevor Eve and Eve Myles star in Framed, a brand new family drama, based on Frank Cottrell Boyce's best-selling children's novel, the one-off flick is set mostly in Wales.

Synopsis: Dylan Hughes is a boy aged 10 years, his family's struggle to keep afloat their small petrol station, which sits at the foot of a mountain in North Wales.

When Dylan Hughes' dad suddenly leaves home things get even tougher for Dylan, his sisters Minnie and Marie, baby brother Max and his mam.

Da's departure however, coincides with the secretive arrival of a convoy of men and trucks who take residence on top of the mountain.

l/r Samuel Davies as Dylan Hughes and Mari Ann Bull as Minnie Hughes

The villagers discover that the National Gallery in London has been flooded and the priceless paintings sent by the lorry-load to Wales for safe storage in the bowels of the old slate mine inside Manod mountain (as they were in the Second World War).

In charge of this is Quentin Lester (Trevor Eve), an intelligent but reserved senior curator who prefers paintings to people.

That is, until a funny and pivotal misunderstanding leads him to invite Dylan to view the paintings inside the mountain, and that in itself sets off an extraordinary chain of events that transforms the lives of the villagers and, eventually, Lester himself.

Source: BBC
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