Being Human Interviews: Lacey Turner

Title: Being Human
Interview: Lacey Turner
Network AU: ABC2
Network UK: ITV
Airdate AU: unknown
Premiere UK: Saturday 1 January 2011
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Interview: Lacey Turner plays Lia: Were you a fan of Being Human and had you seen it before you got the part? No, I'd never actually seen it before. They sent me the script and the box set for the first two series and I watched it and then I was addicted to it right from the beginning, so I was excited to be playing the part of Lia.

You're in episodes one and eight, did you know how your story was going to pan out?

I knew I was going to be in the first and last episode, but I only really knew the story from the first episode, I never knew what happened in episode eight probably until a month before we shot it.

How would you describe Lia?

She's a normal, late-teenage, early twenties girl. She went to vet school, she was training to be a vet, she was just a normal girl.

This is your first role after EastEnders, how did it feel? Was it nerve-wracking?

Yeah, it was, it is the only other TV job I've done since EastEnders. It's so different, we shoot 14 scenes a day [in EastEnders]. We spend about half and hour to an hour to do a scene. I go to Cardiff for Being Human and you have the whole day to do a scene. It was nice because you got to play around with the character and try different things.

The cast and crew were so lovely. The crew made me feel so welcome. I'd never been to Cardiff, never filmed anything other than EastEnders, and they made me feel at home straight away, I really enjoyed it.

Did you approach it differently?

As an actress you sort of want to try different things, really, you want to explore different ways of doing things. On a fast show like EastEnders you don't have the time to do that, you have to decide which way you're gonna do it and stick to it. So it was nice to have the time to be able to think: "I'll try this to see if it's better."

Most of your scenes were with Aidan Turner and Lenora Crichlow, how was it working with them?

They're so good at playing their characters. I had most of my scenes with Aidan, I thought he was fantastic. And they're really nice people, I really enjoyed working with them.

What would you like to do next, do you have anything coming up?

I don't know really. I'm going to take a bit of time out and see what happens and take each day as it comes. It's very exciting. It's nice because I was in EastEnders for six and a half years and you know what you're going to do the next day and the next week; now it's nice to not have a plan!

If you could choose between a werewolf, vampire and ghost, which one would you go for, and why?

I don't know if I'd be a vampire or a ghost, maybe a ghost because she [Annie] can be anywhere and no one can see you!

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