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S303 Type 4

Title: Being Human
Genre: humour/supernatural/horror/drama
Episode: S303 Type 4
Runtime: 45+/- minutes
Airdate AU: unknown
Airdate UK: Sunday 6 February 2011
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Network AU: ABC2
Network UK: BBC
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Cast: Annie is played by Lenora Crichlow, Sasha by Alexandra Roach, Mitchell by Aidan Turner, Graham by Tony Maudsley, George by Russell Tovey and Nina by Sinead Keenan.

Preface: Annie (Lenora Crichlow) encounters a zombie

Synopsis: While on her regular midnight stroll Annie draws the attentions of a mouthy drunk girl, Sasha, who starts ranting at her and follows her home.

With Sasha's putrid smell and rotting face, the housemates realise she's no ordinary human being, nor is she a ghost. She's a zombie: not living, not dead, instead stuck in a decomposing corpse.

Sasha is in denial about her condition and sets about flirting with Mitchell, but he's preoccupied with another person without a pulse ... Annie. Mitchell suspects Annie fancies him and is afraid of what it might mean for their friendship.

He has also attracted the attentions of a super-fan, Graham, who holds him up as a hero for the Box Tunnel 20 massacre. While seeming harmless initially, Graham's behaviour soon becomes stalker-like, and with him having so much knowledge about his idol, he could become a potential danger to the friends.

Meanwhile, George and Nina discover something potentially life-changing.

Source: BBC

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