S303 Episode Three

Ashes to Ashes
Genre: crime/drama/police procedural
Episode: S303 Episode Three
Runtime: 45+/- minutes
Airdate AU: Thursday 27 January 2010 at 2030hrs
Original airdate UK: Friday 16 April 2010
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Network AU: ABC1
Network UK: BBC
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Cast: Gene Hunt is played by Philip Glenister, Alex Drake is played by Keeley Hawes, Ray Carling is played by Dean Andrews, Chris Skelton is played by Marshall Lancaster, Shaz Granger is played by Montserrat Lombard, Jim Keats is played by Daniel Mays, Luigi is played by Joseph Long, Viv James is played by Geff Francis, Andy Smith is played by Joe Absolom, Steve Smith is played by Henry Garrett, Karen Smith is played by Katie Lyons' Fire Chief is played by Robert Gwilym, Barney Wright is played by Charlie Wernham.

Crew: Director: Alrick Riley, Producer: Howard Burch, Writer: Julie Rutterford.

Preface It's the run up to the 1983 General Election and pressure is mounting on DCI Gene Hunt and his team when they investigate a series of politically motivated arson attacks

Synopsis: A fire at an Army barracks is soon followed by another more serious blaze at a polling station. As CID arrive to investigate, a quiet word from DCI Jim Keats in DI Ray Carling's ear leads to the detective risking his life by running into the burning building to save a cleaner who is trapped.

However, Ray's heroic intentions are short-lived as he is soon trapped, too. Fireman Andy Smith saves the pair and the usually macho Ray is overcome with gratitude.

As the arson investigation continues, Ray is devastated when an eye-witness identifies Andy as their prime suspect. The team working on the case discovers that Andy is an Army veteran who served in the Falklands; a war that changed him beyond recognition. However, when another fire starts while Andy is still in police custody, Gene has no choice but to let him go, despite not being 100 per cent convinced of his innocence.

Meanwhile, DI Alex Drake is still being haunted by the police officer with the 6-6-20 epaulette numbers and is struggling to work out why he keeps visiting her.

Source: BBC