S302 Episode Two

Title: Ashes to Ashes
Genre: crime/drama/police procedural
Episode: S302 Episode Two
Runtime: 45+/- minutes
Airdate AU: Thursday 20 January 2010 at 2030hrs
Original airdate UK: Friday 9 April 2010
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Network AU: ABC1
Network UK: BBC
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Hunt & Drake fashion wallahs

Cast: DC Gene Hunt is played by Philip Glenister, Alex Drake is played by Keeley Hawes, Ray Carling is played by Dean Andrews, Chris Skelton is played by Marshall Lancaster, Shaz Granger is played by Montserrat Lombard, Jim Keats is played by Daniel Mays, Luigi is played by Joseph Long, Viv James is played by Geff Francis.

Guest cast: Elaine Dowling is played by Beth Goddard, Graham McClean is played by Nick Sidi, Colin Danson is played by Nick Haverson, Builder is played by Dean Nolan, Harris is played by Rupert Simionian, Pathologist is played by Charlie Roe, Rhonda is played by Flaminia Cinque, Ronnie is played by Adam Shipway, Shy Woman is played by Frog Stone, Gang Kid is played by Reece Beaumont.

Crew: Director David Drury, Producer Howard Burch, Writer Ashley Pharoah .

Preface When DC Chris Skelton opens CID's post and discovers a human hand, DCI Gene Hunt and his team find they have a murder to solve.

Synopsis: The only defining feature on the severed hand is a strange burn mark and DI Alex Drake and the team discover there have been a string of single women murdered across the country, each left with the same crescent-moon shaped burn. It seems all the women had one thing in common; they were members of the Crescent Moon Dating Agency.

When Alex registers with the agency and gets nowhere she decides to take matters into her own hands and invents speed dating, much to the distaste of the agency's owner, Elaine Downing.

As Luigi's fills up, Alex does her best to play the lonely single woman. DI Ray Carling and Chris find themselves an attractive pair of twins to charm, while Gene, on the other hand, is struggling to attract anyone of the opposite sex.

Meanwhile, WPC Shaz Granger, feeling let down by the police force, has handed in her notice. But Gene manages to persuade her to take on one final operation, going undercover to catch the man they believe is the killer. As Shaz puts herself in the firing line it seems this may be her last sting in more ways than one.

Alex is still working to discover the truth behind Sam Tyler's death after her tip-off from Jim Keats that Gene had something to do with it. When Gene discovers what she's up to he can't help but intervene.


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