About Me

Hi, I'm Gary.
The reason I can save you money is because I have very little overhead, no outside office or showroom to pay for, no salesmen or office staff to pay, no oversized ad in phone book or other expensive advertising. Heck, I even built my own free website.
I was born & raised in Muskegon. I've been in the construction trades since 1972 and got my builder's license in 1989. Specializing in replacement windows since 1990.
I would have to say that about 80% of my business comes from customer referrals. I don't remember ever having an unhappy customer. I do my own installations.
I won't show up in a suit and tie, so if you can put up with someone that looks like me, I guess I'm your Window Man.
So check out the links to the manufacturers I use and make your choice. If we don't talk we both lose.
Please visit (How Did You Find My Website?) page to help keep my prices low.
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