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"Just when you thought is was safe to go swimming in the Pacific!"
"Is it over when the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor?"


Queen Amadala...err...The roaring twenties almost collapse into a horrific Great Depression. State socialism begins to take root in much of the civilized world and thanks to massive government intervention in the world economies, the nations of the world manage to pull out of an economic nose dive. With greatly increased spending on their war machines, an artificial boom is created in the late 1920s through 1930s, leading up to a turbulent future. Attempts are made to stem the tide of militarism but none of the participant nations are able to come to any arms limitation agreements. In 1922 The Washington Treaty falls dead on its inception. A second attempt in London in 1930 fails as well.

A new age of naval experimentalism begins to take shape. Without treaties limiting their size and guns, the line between cruisers and capital ships slowly begins to fade as newer and heavier cruisers, mounting larger and larger guns and armor begin to appear. In 1932, after reviving the German economy Hitler and the National Socialist party begin a massive rearmament of Germany. Almost immediately the Z plan is put into effect to rebuild the German navy to make it once again a contender for world domination of the ocean.

Meanwhile Japan's 8-8-8 plan takes on a life of its own with the design in 1930 of the Yamato class 18" super Battleship. A new type of warship has also begun to emerge. The aircraft carrier begins to take shape. Immediately the navies of the world begin to see its potential.

In September 1939 Germany invades Poland. The next spring, France falls. Fortunately this time the French colonies doggedly resist German occupation of their homeland and continue on helping in the Allied war effort to liberate France. The remnants of the French Navy seek shelter in the Caribbean and Pacific from the German juggernaut. Hitler wisely decides not to invade the USSR and the USSR stays neutral for the entire war. Instead Hitler decides to concentrate his efforts on conquering the oil rich Middle East. After taking Malta, and Gibraltar the Africa Corps defeat Montgomery and the 8th Army. In the ensuing rout of the British army Germany takes control of the Middle East and India. Germany invades Britain, however, the British colonial holdings in South East Asia remain. British Empire is in ruins. By August 1942, all that remains of the commonwealth are British Africa, Australia, Canada and Malaysia.

In the fall of 1942 things quiet down as Hitler contemplates his next moves. The Soviets seem content to sit back and watch as the Western powers destroy each other. But to play it safe Hitler diverts substantial resources from fortress Europe to fortify Eastern Europe to ensure Stalin’s neutrality.

Unfortunately for the Japanese, Germany’s control of the Middle East doesn’t do Japan a whole lot of good. China, French Indochina and British Malaysia stand in the way to stop precious German oil from reaching them and there is only one logical course of action left. The Japanese must seize control of the supply lines from the Middle East to the homeland. Everyone knows this so no one is caught off guard on December 6th 1942 when the Japanese finally declare war on the Allies and the US.

It’s December 7th 1942, Admiral, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
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