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Welcome to my little corner on GooglePages! 

The Simo Group is an ever expanding network of websites ranging from Press Release service to Bible Studies with Linux somewhere in the middle.


Gary's home page

Gary's home page is the Gary's personal web site. Here you will find things about the man himself! You can also see my profile over at hungrypenguin

I have revamped my home page a bit... There are now some new sections:  Articles, Squidoo Lens, and My Blogs. I have also started my own personal blog now Simo's Sagacity.

Articles I've written for OSTG

A look at the FreeNAS server

LDAP in the enterprise 

Writing C# software using open source tools on Windows 

How to shop for Web hosting

How to migrate your Linux Web site to another hosting company

Check your DNS records with dig 

Add RSS feeds to your Web site using MagpieRSS 

Getting started with the CentOS 4.4 Single Server CD 

CentOS 5 Review 

Comparing Linux USB flash disk distros

All about Linux swap space

Controlling your Linux system processes


My Bible Base

Create ·  At you can create your own Bible studies, sermon notes and sermon outlines and store them on-line so you can access them from all over the world, whenever you want. You can also export your studies or outlines as a PDF file in a variety of formats including our new "Study Group" format.

 ·  But more than that, you can share your studies with others. Just mark the study as "shared" and email the URL provided. Simple!


Gary's Bible Notes

This is a blog site of recent Bible study notes from Gary's various preachings and teaching. 


Hungry Penguin

The Hungry Penguin is a site about the Linux Operating System. There you will find news, reviews and comment about the Linux operating system, GNU, Open Source Software and the Open Source Community. There is also a blog called Linux and Me. The Hungry Penguin also keeps a Linux blog at


Free Press Release Center

The Free Press Release Center is a unique and new Press Release distribution service. First of all it is FREE! But more than that FPRC is targeted towards users who have an online presence (a website) and they wish to promote their online business. At FPRC every Press Release is automatically optimized for maximum search engine exposure and each Press Release contains free links back to your customers website using the anchor text of their choice, while remaining in the natural context of the press release.

The FPRC has two sister sites:

Alert the Media contains up to the minute press releases for journalists and news hounds.

The Press Release Cloud is a new way to see press releases. It uses words from the headlines to create a tag cloud.



I have  written a book about the Open Source FreeNAS project called Learning FreeNAS. In this book you will learn how to configure, manage, and troubleshoot your FreeNAS installation while learning about RAID, iSCSI and Samba. Expected August 2008. Pre-order now! 

And to partner this book I have launched a new web site called: with tutorials, reviews, tips, downloads and videos about the FreeNAS server.


Honorable mentions

Other places worth mentioning are:

The Bible Base is a public teaching resource with the New Covenant of Jesus Christ as its focus. You are invited to join us in a fellowship of gentle honesty as we work together to discover why we believe what we believe.

Yabadabadoo is a site still in the test labs. When it is done, it will be a place to relax after a long day at the office.

The Meta Tag Directory is the latest Simo project. It will offer a new and revolutionary web directory.



Bran is a village in the county of Braşov in Romania. It is about 30 km from the city of Braşov.
Bran is famous for its castle, which is said to have been the inspiration for Dracula's castle in
Bram Stoker's novel famous novel.

I have done some web sites for Bran:

Bed and breakfast in Bran

The church in Bran 

Bran Online