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Bayesian Methods for Empirical Macroeconomics

Course taught at University of Warsaw 8-9 April, 2019

Professor Gary Koop
University of Strathclyde
E-mail: Gary.Koop@strath.ac.uk

Textbooks, Monographs and Handouts Referred to in the Course

My monograph (co-authored with Dimitris Korobilis) Bayesian Methods for Empirical Macroeconomics

My book of solved exercises (co-authored with Dale Poirier and Justin Tobias), Bayesian Econometric Methods

A Bank of England Technical Handbook written by Andrew Blake and Haroon Mumtaz Applied Bayesian Econometrics for Central Bankers

Information about a package of computer code for Bayesian VARs The BEAR Toolbox by Alistair Dieppe, Romain Legrand and Bjorn van Roye at the European Central Bank. 

Lecture Slides