Gary W. Kibble

I compute therefore I am

Software Manager & Software Engineer

My Resume

Gary Kibble has been developing software applications and infrastructure for over 20 years, with 11 years as development manager/team lead and 3 years as project/program manager. He is equally comfortable working with complex algorithms, creating user interfaces, writing technical documents, estimating & scheduling tasks, balancing budgets, and serving as liaison with business stakeholders. His comprehensive technical background and rapid ability to learn has enabled him to complete project objectives at IBM, the National Security Agency, the Associated Press and Harris Corporation on time and on budget.

 After Y2K and 9-11, Gary committed himself to being prepared for future disasters.  Through books, conferences and experience he stays up-to-date on Best Practices for robust software and high reliability architecture. After hours he regularly volunteers his time to the American Red Cross and other Disaster Response organizations. He and his wife were recognized by the United Way in 2005 as "outstanding volunteers" in Westchester County, NY.

Gary is also dedicated to teaching, coaching and mentoring. Recent examples include Pack Leader for Cub Scouts, Sunday school teacher, Conversational English tutor for ESL, and certified CERT instructor.

Gary is a proven fast-learner with experience in a dozen computer languages and in fields as diverse as Cryptography, Finance, News Media, TV Signal Processing and Satellite Antennas. He is the inventor of patent 5,210,611, Automatic tuning radio/TV using filtered seek.

Gary holds a Masters in Mathematics from Michigan State University. He is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Michigan.  

Specialties include:

software best practices, requirements engineering, business systems analysis, software estimation, project scheduling, technology research, mathematical modeling, software engineering (C, C++, VB, Java, XML schema, Fortran), and systems architecture.

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