Types of Cases

Listed Below Are Just Some Of The Types of Cases Gary Handles. 


Speeding Tickets

Running a Stop Sign 

Running a Red Light, etc.

Driving History Repair including:

          Points or Habitual Offender Suspensions

Driving on a Suspended License

          Driving with No Valid Driver's License

Commercial Driver's Violations


Failure to Yield Right of Way

Reckless Driving

Passing a Stopped School Bus

Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle


Speeding in a School or Construction Zone

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Child Restraint Violations

Open Container

Driving With Expired Vehicle Registration

Failure to Have Liability Insurance

Parking Tickets

Gary handles all types of traffic tickets. If you have received a traffic ticket and need a traffic lawyer in Jacksonville, e-mail Gary or give Gary a call at (904) 614-1459. Gary will be glad to answer your questions about your traffic violations and show you how he can assist you obtain the most favorable outcome of your case.