Frequently Asked Questions

Gary Joseph is an Experienced Traffic Attorney and a Former Traffic Court Hearing Officer in Jacksonville, Florida

Question: "How do you handle a routine uncontested traffic citation?"
Answer: "First,  I will review for legal sufficiency. If a traffic citation is not legally sufficient, I will aggressively seek to have it dismissed by the Court. If there are no grounds to legally dismiss the traffic citation, and if the traffic citation will not be contested, I will seek to have your charges reduced, such as avoiding points on your driver's license, avoiding attendance at driving school, avoiding a driver's license suspension, etc. 


Question: "I just got a traffic ticket which states I can elect driving school instead of going to traffic court. Should I do so?"
Answer: "Driving School can be elected only once per year and only 5 times in a lifetime. Many drivers are historically very good drivers and may not really need to attend a driving school. However, if the Court orders a driver to attend driving school, it does not count as any of the drivers lifetime elections. Therefore, if driving school is required by the Court, the driver can attend without using one of the 5 lifetime elections."

Question: "I was in an automobile crash that was not my fault, but the officer gave me a traffic citation anyway without talking to me. How can I fight this? 

Answer: "If your traffic citation will be contested, I will schedule it for a trial.  Witnesses will be subpoenaed to testify and can then be cross examined under oath in Court, and your defense can be presented."