Commercial Drivers

Gary Joseph is an Experienced Traffic Attorney and a Former Traffic Court Hearing Officer in Jacksonville, Florida

Florida and Federal law hold Commercial drivers to an even higher standard than for ordinary drivers. As a result, the outcome of their case may effect the ability of a Commercial licensed driver to be employed and earn a living to support their families. Further, in Florida a commercial licensed driver cannot voluntarily elect to attend driver's improvement school to receive an automatic Clerk's withhold of adjudication and avoid the points. 

Let me put my 7 years of experience of hearing and deciding cases from the bench as a Florida Traffic Court Hearing Officer to work for you. I have ruled on thousands of traffic tickets. If you have received a traffic ticket and need a traffic lawyer in Jacksonville, I will be happy to talk with you about your speeding or other traffic ticket and how we can get the most favorable result. Give me a call at (904) 614-1459 or email me for more information.