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Hola! I'm Gary J Byrnes.


My latest work, To Eat the World, an epic thriller about a Nazi plot to cause a nuclear meltdown under Wall St, New York and take over the US Presidency and economy, is now available for your reading enjoyment. Set in the present day, the story sees a chef and her ex, an art dealer, work to save the world from a new Nazi plan for world domination.

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Human Condition Survey by writer Gary J Byrnes

What is the human condition?

This is the core subject of my writing and I'm trying to improve my understanding of what makes us human, our hopes and fears. I'd really appreciate your help with an online survey on the human condition, it'll only take a couple of minutes and your input is totally anonymous. Many thanks.

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Work in progress

I'm currently writing an aviation thriller, about an airline pilot who's scared of flying. The plot takes off in Dubai, a flight into hell, landing with a startling plot twist and a life-changing finale.

Coming soon. Watch this space.