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Edzell Woods Owners Group
acted as property manager for the estate on a quasi contractual basis since 2002, a situation which was legitimized in 2005 when under the then new legislation: Title & Conditions Act (2003) and Abolition Of Feudal Tenure Act (2002), Edzell Woods Owners Group formalized their position as the Property Manager for the estate.

This website is just one of the ways that owners and readers can be kept up to date with the current issues affecting the running of the estate and gain an insight into the important issues of the past which have affected how we do things today.

It is hoped that it will act as a source of information on the management of the estate and supplement other channels of communication between owners and the committee.

For new residents of Edzell Woods the residents Information Pack  contains lots of information on the Estate and surrounding area, as well as contact details and links to local services and suppliers. Some of the information may come in handy for existing residents.

There is also the opportunity for individuals to email relevant questions or comments to the Committee.
Please see the contact us page for details.

The following letter clarifies the position of Aberdeenshire Council in regards to Edzell Woods.
It cannot be stressed enough, that as property owners who have chosen to live on a private estate, we and we alone are totally responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the estate infrastructure.
Letter to residents from William Munroe, Kincardine & Mearns Area Manager, Aberdeenshire Council 11/10/2012

EWOG Updates:-  

Hi All, following on from the AGM where Cllr George Carr suggested home composting, Aberdeenshire Council offer home composting bins at a discounted rate please see the leaflet below...

Dear All
George a resident is looking into the Internet service we receive on the estate in the hope we can have BT improve the service,  George has already been in contact with BT and he now needs us to fill out an online survey. 

Can you please forward this email to everyone you know on the estate so that we can get as many people as possible to complete it the more the better George's chances are of BT taking notice.

I will have Steve put this on the website, it will be in the minutes of the meeting and I will also do a little flyer to put through doors...

The website address is:

Many Thanks


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Updated Standing Order Mandate instructions

                                             Standing Order Amendment (For those still to update their payments)

"Newesk" Latest developments

Kincardineshire Leader report on Newesk development - Thursday 2nd May 2013
 £250million new community approved

A big thank you to the residents who sent their EWOG recommended response to the planners.
You have demonstrated a positive, combined approach by highlighting the main issues confronting our unique community.

Kincardineshire Observer:-  Published on Wednesday 15th February 2012
Newesk benefits

Electronic copy of EWOG recommended response to the Newesk plans
As distributed on the 7th February 2012

The Newesk Planning application can be viewed at:-
The deadline for public comment expired on 16th February 2012

Televised on Monday 23d January on the STV evening news (Grampian)

"Newesk" Development website  http://www.newesk.co.uk/ has comprehensive information on the new development.

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