Fall 2014 - Economics 101 (Principles of Microeconomics)


14 December - Final handout with solutions posted. The final exam is Monday. Make sure to bring your ID, and check your email for your room assignment. Good Luck.

7 December - Handout 13 and solutions posted. My office hours this week are as follows:
Tues    1600 - 1700
Wed    1600 - 1700
Thur   1730 - 1830
Sat       1300 - 1700

23 November - Handout 12 and solutions posted.

15 November - Handout 11 and solutions posted, and HW 4 solutions posted. In preparation for the exam, I will be holding my regular office hours on Monday between 4 and 5 PM instead of Tuesday.

10 November - Handout 10 posted. I will be holding additional office hours this week on Wednesday from 3 to 4PM and Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. I will also be in my available in my office from 2PM to 5PM this Saturday and Sunday.

1 November - Handout 9 and solutions posted. Solutions to Homework 3 posted. I will hold an extra office hours on Wednesday, 5 November, from 3 to 4PM.

26 October - Handout 8 and solutions posted. Don't forget Homework 3 is due Thursday at the start of lecture.

23 October - Homework number three has been posted. It is due Thursday, 30 October at the start of lecture.

18 October - Handout 7 and solutions posted. If you were unable to get your test booklet back from me on Friday, you can get it from me during my office hours after Tuesday's lecture.

12 October - Handout 6 and solutions posted.

4 October - Handout 5 and solutions posted. First Midterm this Tuesday. I will be holding one additional office hours on Monday from 3PM to 5PM.

2 October - Solutions to Homework 2 posted. Solutions to Handout 4 re-uploaded to include the missing second page.

28 September - Handout 4 with solutions posted. Remember that homework 2 is due this Thursday (2 Oct) and the first exam is the following Tuesday (7 Oct).

21 September - Handout 3 with solutions posted. Homework 1 has been evaluated and grades posted on Learn@UW. I will hand them back during section on Friday. Alternatively, you can pick them up during my office hours, if you'd like it back sooner.

18 September - Solutions to the first homework posted. I will return your assignments next week.

13 September - Handout 2 with solutions posted.

9 September - Homework 1 posted. It is due Thursday, 18 September, at the beginning of lecture.

5 September - The handout (and solutions) from the first discussion has been uploaded below. You should feel comfortable with manipulating equations of lines, solving for intersections, and summing curves (both vertically and horizontally).

2 September
 - Welcome to my page for my sections of Econ 101. Here, I will post discussion discussion handouts, homeworks, and other information as it becomes available.
 Instructor: Elizabeth Sawyer Kelly
Lecture: TuesThurs 1430-1545
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TA: Gary Baker
Office: Soc Sci 7481
Office Hours: Tues 1600-1700, or by appointment

Discussion Sections
Fri 1205-1255 --- Sterling 1327
Fri 1320-1410 --- Witte 138
Fri 1425-1515 --- Witte 138
Fri 1530-1620 --- Soc Sci 5322


Discussion Handouts
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