1.Draw the event-handlers that are involved with lines being drawn a particular color.

2. Draw the event-handlers that are involved with the dots being drawn big or small.

3. In PaintPot, there are parameters for some events.How are event parameters different than the parameters that are part of a call to a function (e.g., Sound.Vibrate (500)? who sets the value of the parameter?

      A Parameter is, or can be considered an argument. In the function call, parameters is information that the function needs to do its job. Event parameters are provided by the operating system in our case the Android system. In Paint Pot a user can set the value of the parameter, AKA the size of the dots in the case of the app.

4. In PaintPot you define a variable.
     A) What Variable do you define?
          The variable defined is the Dot Size

     B) How do you define it? Once you define it, what blocks appear in "my Definitions"
         When you define means you create a memory cell or give the block you are defining its own memory. We need to remember what users click, because they don't click the button immediately to draw.
          When the variable is defined, the app inventor will create two blocks.
          1: Set (allows you to put something in a variable)
          2: get ( will allow you to read) Get is also called "global variable"

     C)  You don't define a variable for the 'PaintColor' the color of the paint on the canvas. Why Not?
          You do not need to define them in app inventor because they are already given to you, they are predefined variables.
     D) Define the term variable? How is a variable different than a property? How is a variable similar to a property 
          A variable is a cell thats names and can be changed.  A property is a memory cell that is a piece of a component or predefined data for the component.