Slinky & Gary Creative Project

Application Name: Who Said That!

Application Created By: Gary Gardner and Conner Slaky.

Requirements:  This application has all requirements for the project and has been authorized extra credit based on touched adding and multiple levels. If statements have also been added to demonstrate understanding. While some If statements may not be needed, the appellation still works correctly to demonstrate understanding of such.


  In this Application the user plays a game called "who said that". The goal is to identify the actors who said a particular quote. The quote is activated by touching the "Play" button. When you user touches "play", a quote will play and music will stop. The user will chose one of 4 photographs of actors. If the user choses incorrectly, an X will appear and a sound will play.  A wrong selection will result into going back to level one.   A correct selection will move the player on to the next level. At any time in the game on level one the player play select the button "Change Level" this will  pull up a level changing screen that that user may tap till the desired level number appears and press submit to be brought to that level or utilizing the text box, may enter the level desired within the level limits of the game.

Advanced Features:
 - This application has multiple screens.
 - The application allows the user to pick a level by adding together numbers or entering text.
 - The application has mutable sounds and songs
 - Changes in image.button and score keeping 
 - Level difficulty
 - Incorrect sound 
 - Correct Sound
 - Mutable Images 
 -Mutable Songs 
- .touched adding
- if statements




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Gary Gardner,
Sep 9, 2012, 6:18 PM
Gary Gardner,
Sep 9, 2012, 6:23 PM