A high tech treasure hunt using handheld GPS.

Caches I have hidden

The Old Estate


Geocaching is a new type of treasure hunting that has become very popular over the past several years. This is responsible partly due to recognition of the sport by the media and the extreme drop in the cost of handheld GPS units.

Geocaching  requires only two things. A handheld GPS unit and access to the internet to get to to find the location of the closest Geocache to you and finally a small trinket to put in the cache when you get there.

The object of the treasure hunt is to find a cache hidden somewhere in the woods (normally on public property). This cache is usually some sort of container that contains trinkets of some sort, a log book to record your visit and a pencil to write it down. Sometimes there is a disposable camera to record your visit and then see the pictures posted at at a later date by the person that hid the cache. Sometimes the  cache may only be a scenic destination or possibly it may be a multi part cache that means you must find several different caches in order to eventually get to the final destination cache.

If you are in the Hudson Valley area please try to stop by and visit the caches I have hidden off of major roads and on public lands.

 On the way to "The Old Estate" Cache