Abigail Elizabeth Killmer
Abby is a big girl now at 5 1/2 years of age.


Abby Standing 5.22.07

Scheduled Arrival September 28th 2006

Actual Arrival Time September 29th 10:03 PM 


Hello Everyone, it has been a long time since I updated this page. Abby is now a big Sister to Jack and loves him so much. Abby is in Kindergarten at the same school that I attended and is even in the same classroom. This is also the same school that my father attended. Abby likes gardening, dancing, and watching cooking shows.

Hello Everyone. It has been a while since I updated this part of the website. Abby has been picking up a lot of new things since the last time I wrote. She can now crawl all over and she is up to three teeth now.  For a while there she was stuck in reverse when she was crawling but as soon as she got her self in first gear she was zooming along. She has also started to make alot of vowel sounds that sound kind of like words. We are fairly certain she can wave ans say bye bye now. We have video of that above. She also has started standing on her own. I have included a picture of it in the pictures section. She doesnt go for long but she is standing all the same.
Hello Everyone! It has been a while since I last updated this section of the website. However, I have been adding new pictures often and there are some new ones today. Since I last wrote here on 12.26.2006  Abby has started rolling over to both sides and she now has two little front teeth coming out! Abby even said "I love you" a couple of times. I know crazy as it sounds but we have witnesses that could attest to this actually occuring. We know it was an imitation of us saying it but all the same it was pretty neat. I am trying to catch her on video which will definitly be posted on here. Abby rolls over really well to both sides  so we have to keep an eye on her that she doesnt roll too far out of her playing area. She  also loves to give kisses to Mom and the rest of the family however I think she doesnt like kissing me because of the scruffly feeling I have. That is all for now. Check out the new pics.

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Abby had a super time opening all of her gifts and catching up with friends and family.  I have posted a couple of new photos on her picture page which is linked up top.


Hello Everyone! Abby is becoming more smiley every day. She started a couple of weeks ago and at the time I wasnt sure if it was really a smile or not. But now, she is definitly doing it because she wants to, or maybe she just  feels happy. Abby and Mommy went to the doctors last week and she had gained a pound and a few ounces in two weeks bringing her to nine pounds and five ounces. The Doctor said Abby is growing fine and all the other measurements that they did showed within a normal range. We took her out yesterday for a little hike on the rail trail by our house. Don't worry she was really, really bundled up to the point of looking like a pink marshmallow, "I cant put my arms down!".  She slept most of the time until she was on the way back to the car and then she was just interested in getting her binky back in her mouth. I have been trying to do tummy time to strengthen those little arms of hers. So far she has been less than enthusiastic about the whole workout regime. But... we have to do it.  Talk to you all soon!


Hello Everyone! We are all doing fine. Abigail and Mom have the feeding down process down pat. Abigail has been doing all of the normal Baby things and is sleeping in her pack and play right now.  I have posted lots of photos online and you can see them by going to the link above. We appreciate everyones loving support and visits and we all three of us look forward to seeing you soon.


Hello Everyone! We had baby Abigail on September 29th at 10:03 PM. Abby is doing great and Mom is too. We just got home today and Mom and Abby are working on feeding. Abigail was 8 pounds 1 ounce and twenty two inches long. We are both tired but excited to be home with our new baby.


Hello Everyone. The time for Abigail to come out and meet everyone has never been closer! We are both very anxious to meet the little wiggly Abigail that is Erin's belly and frequently doing all sorts of fancy twists and turns in there. Erin has a Doctors appointment today so we may have a new update later on tonight. Either way we should have the Baby by the end of next week since they are only going to let the due date go past by one week. Abigail's room is all set up and ready to go. All we need now is for her to come out and join us.


The time is drawing close now! Erin is still feeling pretty good most of the time except for being hot. We have the babies room pretty much done. Erin did a great job with all of the decorating! It looks really nice.  Erin starts going to the doctors every week now up until the big day to make sure that everything is ok. One night a week we are taking a class at Vassar Hospital to learn more about the whole process. Everyone we have talked to said the people there are great so we feel good knowing that. As far as Baby everything is great. "She" is almost moving all over inside of Mom. I can feel her too since she is so big inside the belly. She has some mighty powerful kicks!


Baby is doing great! For the first time Erin started to feel pushing inside of her belly instead of kicks! Last night Erin said ouch a couple of times because the kicks were so hard. Time is growing short now with less than two months to go, it really is going fast. We have noticed that the Baby seems very active during watching 24 on DVD. I know its not Baby Einstein but at least it is an indicator of good taste in tv shows


The baby has been going crazy inside of Erins belly! I can see the baby moving around and kicking and wiggling! Erin is feeling good and the baby is obviously very anxious to come out and meet everyone!


We would like to thank everyone for the surprise baby shower on Friday!  All of the gifts received will be a great help and all of the clothes are going to look great on our baby. 


I can now see Baby moving inside of Erins belly.


During "The Da Vinci Code" I felt the baby move for the first time.


That is our baby in Erins belly

Hopefully by now you have heard that we are having a baby! Baby is supposed to be born around the end of September this year. Erin and I are very excited about the baby coming and we want to thank everyone for all of the cards and gifts that they have been sending us.  

We do have a name picked out and we do know what it will be however there is a couple of people in our families that would like to be surprised. So, I have left out anything hinting at what we are going to have.