The WAGS village plant sale 
Saturday 31st May 2014

The plant sale starts at 11am  and finishes around 2pm 

All of our plant stalls will be set up around the Village Hall car park or in the hall if wet
Our refreshment marquee will be selling, teas, coffees, squash, Pimms and home made cakes.
We have hundreds of plants to sell so please get there early and pick up a blooming bargain.

Please come along to the 1st  WAGS AGM 

20th January 2011

The winners of Last years  
Widdington Sunflower growers 
competition was  

Sue and Anthony Vernon
sunflower was a whopping  
12 foot and 3/4 inches tall

Well done to you two, 

oh and Ted whom
I'm sure had a leg in the watering  

And this is what they won 

The widdington sunflower grower

of the year 2010 cup


well mug!!

11th October 2010 Judgement Day 

Sunflower Results:             1st Prize - Anthony Vernon-12'3/4",

                             2nd Lizzie Robson-9' 11 3/4", 

                    3rd-Kath Brett- 9' 3/4".

 Largest head 9 3/4" Emma Proudfoot

That's sunflower head



The first annual Widdington Sunflower growing competition
is under way and here is Emile with his Sunflower
as you can see they are both growing up nicely.

Well done Emile
 Another couple of  hopfuls

Elisabeth and Juliet
It's just so much fun growing things

 it's the

Fleur De Lys Entry 

Wow,,, that's a big one Chris

Minutes of the WAGS, Wednesday 5th May 2010, Fleur De Lys

Present: Garrett Devine, Gary Dunnett, Debbie Hutchins.

Apologies: Madeleine Hall


Quiz night went very well – many members commented on how much they enjoyed the evening.  

Raffle made £16 (Thank you to Margaret) and £37 was made at the door.  A profit of £33 was made after deducting cost of prizes and hall rental, so well done everyone.

We also gained 3 new club members and now have 24 members (this includes family groups as one).  Next Jan we will possibly charge slightly more for a family membership over individual membership.  We will also look for ways to use/ acquire a laminator for membership cards/ posters etc.

Our club bank balance currently stands at £135.


The majority of members seemed to indicate a preference to visit Hyde Hall at a weekend and to go in own cars and car-share.  Garrett  to contact RHS to see if we can book a visit for the 2nd or 3rd week of Sept before we actually join the RHS in Sept.

Open Gardens

Donald Tyson, Andrew Gardiner, Garrett and Jenny, and Gary and Angela have offered their gardens for this event.


The Parish Council is still discussing how to purchase Wyse’s Field.

Plant  Sale – Saturday 5th June 12 noon – 3pm.

The Red Cross made £300 on their plant sale.  They also kindly passed on a tray of unsold plants to us via Garrett for our plant sale.  We have definite promises of sunflowers, chilli plants, kale, tomatoes, lupines,  aubergines, and geraniums from Garrett, Gary, Debbie and Rita.  We need a lot more plants and to have some idea of what we will get. Garrett to E-mail

WAGS members asking what plants they can provide, and also cakes etc.  Debbie will post e-mail copy to those without e-mail addresses.

Plants to be left at Garrett’s .


Minutes of The Widdington Allotment Gardening Society 

   Tuesday 12th January 2010, Fleur De Lys

Present: Garrett Devine, Gary Dunnett, Debbie Hutchins.

Apologies: Madeleine Hall

Publicity -

*The flyer is looking good – almost ready to go out – Gary to finalise and print-off.  

Garrett to find out about means of delivering and the number needed to be printed.

Gary will also use the flyer to make and print-off a few colour posters to go up in the pub, the village hall and the village notice board.

The flyers need to be distributed about the 6th Feb, once the website is up and running and the press release has been made.

*A photo-shoot to take place on the village green on Sat 23rd Jan.  To contact as many members and interested people as possible to come along with families and bring gardening tools and placards.  Gary will contact local press with the photo and details of the association with its plea for allotment land.  Hopefully to go to press when flyers go out.

* Discussion about name of club possibly being WAGS - Widdington Allotment and Gardening Society,  or WVAGC – Widdington Village Allotment and Gardening Club. Decided upon WAGS. 

Website -

Garrett has nearly set up the web-site for the next 2 yrs.  Will be 


Approach to Landlords –

Discussed draft letter to landlords.  Debbie to make alterations and e-mail to committee.  To keep to 2 sides without extra material enclosed and make-up a pack to send out if anyone is interested.  To adapt as an open letter to landowners that could be put into the village magazine.  To approach Cathy Southcote re: which landowners have been approached by the Parish Council and obtaining the addresses of local landowners.

Fund-raising –

To aim for the end of May for the plant sale – possibly 22nd May – Debbie to check with Carole Garner whether this clashes with any other village events that day.  We will try to hold the plant sale outside – see if we can borrow a gazebo from the Guides or elsewhere.  To include plant stalls, a sunflower competition, coffee and cakes stall and an enrolment table with details of the club and membership forms.  To ask all members and interested parties to start planting seeds.  Gary will plant sunflowers for sunflower comp.  Debbie will plant some tomatoes.


*Debbie to contact Carole Garner (Clerk of PC) about ‘allotments’ item on agenda at Parish Council meetings - can we give updates if we attend or do we have to be on the PC to be able to speak?

*Garrett has sent £20 To NSALG which covers up to 7 members.  Will open bank account next week.

Next Meeting – Wed 3rd March.



 Please download your   *WAGS*  membership form