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Around the Village Green






Church Street





Spring Hill


High Street









  Martins Farm House  05.02.12





Hamel Way




Cornells Lane

In the 17th Century Cornells "Road"

 was formerly Henham Road



Formerly The William The Conqueror



Thistley Hall, was built in 1666

Widdington Water Tower

Looks like it could have been constructed in the 1940s. Could someone please let me have the details of when the water tower was built? Dose anyone have any old photos of the construction of the tower.



Dear Gary,

Just found your site and looked up your tower in our records, 
unfortunately we've almost nothing about it. Under construction date, we have "1950s (?)".
However the tower is seen on an Ordnance Survey 1:10,560 map dated 1950–1951,
so your thoughts regarding construction being in the 1940s looks to be correct.
I've done a bit of Googling using the techniques I've developed to
find such information, without success.

I trust nothing more has come to light about this tower?
I have marked our records to keep you informed, should we receive any additional information.

Best Regards,


British Water Tower Appreciation Society (Archives)

 Mole Hall Lane

Swaynes Hall



Mole Hall







Hollow Road and  Crabtree Hill

Anyone have any pictures of buildings in the above road  

Village Folk



 I can scan any photo, Black and White or colour

you can have the original picture back within a couple of days


Please don’t let the Village history fade away,

once scanned the photos are safe.