Village Maps


 The earliest map of Widdington is dated 1767

Priors Hall Map of fields 

Part or Widdington Tithe Map
20 inches to 1 mile [75" x 36"]
Shows the numerous detached parts (mostly open-field strips) 
of Newport and Widdington 
Dates of copy:1839 original 1795 

Widdington Tithe Map
Dates of copy:1839 original 1795 

This map shows clearly

 the old boys and girl’s school building in Church Street

 and the Congregational chapel in the High Street



Widdington Village 1881


Widdington Village 1897



Widdington Village 1898



   Widdington Village 1921



   Widdington Village 1960 



Map of North Essex 1610




East Angila Railway Map 1840


If you have any old maps of Widdington Village, please let me know ThankS