Music at St. Mary's Church

On 16th November 2013 a recital by Carlos Bonell was held in St. Mary’s.  
The church was packed and everyone was enthralled by Carlos’ playing. 
 He received a standing ovation and was very charismatic giving interesting 
introductions to his pieces.  
The event raised £876 and we would like to thank everyone who 
helped and especially Ken Kemp who organised the lighting.  
This is an excerpt from his Blog:-  “Widdington does not live in the past.  
It has a proud, thriving community firmly rooted in the present.  
A significant number of its population dedicates many hours of precious 
free time to worthwhile causes in aid of the community.   
These include the organisation of concert events for funds to maintain their 
historical heritage.  To see and hear and feel their strength is really quite moving 
and one of the proudest things to which I can contribute, in my 
own small way, as a musician.”

Christine Rhodes