Parish Council

What part does the Parish Council play in Local Government?

The Parish Council is the third tier of local government, 

after the County Council and the District Council, but it 

is a non-political body. It is at the "grass roots" and is in

the best position to represent the views of the local community



Widdington Parish Council 

Thursday 5th March 2015 

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 5th March 2015 at 8.00pm subject to approval at next meeting.

Present Chairman Cathie Southcott, Cllr Margaret Hudson, Cllr Roy Darling, Cllr Andrew Gardner, 
Cllr Kate Leaver, Cllr Dee Underhill and Cllr Mike Forrest.

In Attendance        Duncan Gunn, District Cllrs Jo Parry and Jeremy Rose, and Amanda
Lindsell, Clerk to the Council.

Apologies received and accepted from Cllr Juliet Bickerton and County Cllr Ray Gooding.

None declared.

Duncan Gunn requested an update on the funding for the proposed bus shelter. Chairman Southcott confirmed that as previously minuted, Andrew Scullion agreed to present his proposal for funding for the agreed Newstead Bus Shelter to the Local Highways Panel at their January 2015 meeting, with a view to probable installation around April, 2015, with the Parish Council taking ownership of the shelter following installation. 

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 5th February, 2015 were approved by Councillors as an accurate representation and signed by the Chairman Cathie Southcott.

The Clerk reported;
i. Kate Robson from Saffron Walden Citizens Advice Bureau has confirmed her attendance at the Parish Meeting on 7th May, to speak about the scope of the CAB`s work. It was agreed that the £100 support previously agreed for the CAB would be despatched following the April Parish Council meeting.
ii. The faulty streetlight at Hamel Way was reported to Uttlesford District Council, and has now been repaired.
iii. Wayne Ribbans from Anglian Water has left an answerphone message wishing to set up a site visit to assess the areas affected by flooding. No contact number was left so the clerk continues to await his call, and it was agreed that Cllr Forrest would attend the site meeting.

47.06 FINANCE 
Cllr Darling presented a statement of accounts and cheques;
101005 - Smiths Gore - £513.00
101006 - Amanda Lindsell - £145.09
for payment to the meeting, which were agreed and then signed by Chairman Southcott and Cllr Hudson.
The bank reconciliation was also reviewed and agreed and thanks were extended to Cllr Darling for his continued support with the Parish Council`s financial matters.

It was agreed that there were no comments to be returned to Uttlesford District Council regarding;
i. planning application; UTT/15/0378/FUL - Malt Place, Cornells Lane, Widdington - Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling ( alternative scheme to that approved under UTT/14/1990/FUL)
ii. planning decision; UTT/14/3772/P3MPA - Malt Place, Cornells Lane, Widdington - Prior notification of change of use of agricultural building to dwelling - prior approval not required.

It was agreed to accept the quotation of £250 for a full inspection and condition report for the trees on The Green, and that Cllr Hudson would attend the inspection.

i. It was agreed that prior to the Planning Committee visit on Monday 9th March, that Chairman Southcott would forward a photograph to members of the Planning Committee, clearly showing the visual impact of the proposed Church Mead development. District Cllr Rose confirmed his plans to travel with the Planning Committee to the site meeting and explained that Councillors would not be permitted to speak to or approach members of the Planning Committee. It was also agreed that Cllr Hudson would represent the Parish Council at the Planning Meeting at 2pm on Wednesday 11th March.
ii. It was agreed that the Clerk would again contact Waldegraves regarding the tree on the right hand side of Beadle Lane which is leaning alarmingly into the road.
iii. District Cllr Rose detailed;
a. Council Tax is down 14% within the last 4 years.
b. Uttlesford maintains reserves of £16.3million, with usable reserves of £5.5million, however funding from central government will drop significantly during the next 3 years and theses reserves will be necessary to cushion these losses.
c. Right To Buy has transferred £4.1million from housing reserves general funds to enable the council to build more council run homes.
d. 95% of the District Council moneys put at risk following the collapse of the Icelandic financial institutions has been recouped.
e. The Highways Panel Meeting is to be held on 23rd March at 7.30pm
f. Alistair Walters has spoken about the Highway Rangers new ditch and culvert clearing facility. It was agreed that as this facility is accessed through Chris Stoneham, that no action was required.
g. the meeting of the Uttlesford Planning Working Group on the 30th March.
h. Green Bin Waste Collection £40 a year for fortnightly garden waste collection.
iv. District Cllr Parry confirmed;
a. Following the collapse of the Local Plan it cannot be confirmed where the proposed new homes will be situated.
b. Her recent donation from the New Homes Bonus towards Widdington`s Playgroup Hedgehogs to purchase equipment.
v. Cllr Underhill confirmed the installation of the defibrillator and also the successful briefing on use and subsequent CPR training for those involved with the Emergency Plan, led by Justin Markiewicz, who also suggested sourcing further first aid training for interested parties, possibly through St Johns Ambulance. District Cllr Rose suggested that Essex Ambulance First Responders may offer free first aid training.
vi. Cllr Leaver confirmed that a contract is being formalised with Robert Vernon to detail the exact maintenance works required each year.
vii. District Cllr Rose confirmed that Essex Probation will complete the refurbishment and painting of the playground on Tuesday 24th March. It was agreed that Cllr Leaver will contact Jill Brookman regarding use of the Village Hall facilities, post notices regarding the closure of the playground for the works and request assistance from Phil Mullinger regarding transportation of the large sheet of mdf.
viii. Chairman Southcott confirmed that Crime Prevention Officer Stephen Armson Smith and Hannah Griffiths will be available at the Village hall from 7.30pm on 23rd March to offer reassurance , advice and to answer questions following the recent crime wave. This will be advertised in the Village Magazine and also on the notice board on The Green, and on the PC website.
ix. It was agreed that Cllr Gardner would contact County Cllr Ray Gooding for an update on information related to closing the 3 byways during the winter months.
x. Chairman Southcott raised concerns over the number of horse-riders cantering on footpaths. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact Highways to confirm the legalities relating to landowners, footpaths and making good.

Thursday 2nd April, 2015.

The meeting closed at 8.55pm.

Amanda Lindsell - Clerk to the Council. 

Widdington Parish Council News.

5th February 2015 

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 5th February 2015 at 8.00pm subject to approval at next meeting.
Present Chairman Cathie Southcott, Cllr Margaret Hudson, Cllr Roy Darling, Cllr Andrew Gardner and Cllr Mike Forrest.
In Attendance                         John Whalley, District Cllrs Jo Parry and Jeremy Rose, and Amanda                   Lindsell, Clerk to the Council.
Apologies received and accepted from Cllr Juliet Bickerton, Cllr Dee Underhill and Cllr Kate Leaver.

None declared.

John Whalley expressed concerns regarding security within Widdington following the recent multiple burglaries and detailed information he has received from retired senior police officers, that local police forces are suppressing the actual crime figures relating to break ins. John is keen for the Parish Council to pursue CCTV 
( with his predicted cost of £300 for one camera with sufficient memory) for Widdington, acknowledging that it doesn`t stop crime, but is considered a good deterrent.
Chairman Southcott confirmed that she had requested the support of an officer at this evening`s Parish Council meeting, and also detailed the letter of complaint sent to the Police and Crime Commissioner, complaining about the lack of support, reassurance and police presence following the break ins.
Chairman Southcott proceeded to report that a number of Eastern Europeans have been arrested in premises in Peterborough for similar style break ins in Takeley and Felsted using a variety of different vehicles, and are currently on bail with conditions not to enter Essex.
It was agreed that as there are not currently Neighbourhood Watch representatives for Widdington, that this could be raised at the Annual Parish Meeting and that Chairman Southcott would also include this in her Village Magazine submission, and that Cllr Gardner would liaise with Alan Johnson of Newport Neighbourhood Watch with a view to advertising the need for representatives within Widdington.

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 8th January, 2015 were approved by Councillors as an accurate representation and signed by the Chairman Cathie Southcott.

The Clerk reported;
i. Chris Stoneham has confirmed that arrangements are being made for all gullies to be assessed and jetted before the end of February, and investigatory work undertaken at the bottom of Cornells Lane to ascertain the outfall and alleviate concerns about the drainage system. The outcome of these investigations may necessitate the introduction of a new pipe under the carriageway as previously mentioned. A further letter to residents requesting that they carry out maintenance works to their ditches on the southern side of Cornells Lane will be despatched by 6th February.
ii. It was agreed that the clerk would attend the training session at Uttlesford District Council offices on Monday 23rd March.
iii. The clerk and Chairman Southcott are booked to attend the EALC Police Partnership Conference on Wednesday 25th March.
iv. The large pothole at Springhill has been repaired.
v. A quote has been requested from Anne Hooper regarding a survey and report on the trees on the Green.
vi. Cllr Gardner is booked to attend Coffee with the EALC Chairman on 2nd April at 11am.
vii. Letters have been despatched to local farmers regarding condition and height of hedges within the parish.
viii. A letter has been despatched to Molehall requesting action to allow drainage back into the ditch following recent hedge cutting.
ix. The website has been updated.
x. The notice board is purchased, delivered and now stored in the Village Hall storeroom.
xi. An invite to attend the Annual Parish Meeting has been sent to Kate Robson of the CAB.

46.06 FINANCE 
i. Cllr Darling presented a statement of accounts and cheques;
101002 - Cathie Southcott - £700 - advance for Burns Lunch
101003 - Cathie Southcott - £30.45 - balance for Burns Lunch
101004 - Amanda Lindsell - £352.39 ( incl £127.14 - notice board)
for payment to the meeting, which were agreed and then signed by Chairman Southcott and Cllr Hudson.
The bank reconciliation was also reviewed and agreed.

It was agreed that there were no comments to be returned to Uttlesford District Council regarding appeal decision UTT/14/1987/FUL - land at Wood End, Widdington - appeal dismissed.

It was agreed that Cllr Hudson would take on the role of tree warden, and that Cllr Hudson would collect any documentation from Doreen Robson regarding the village trees. Councillors thanked Cllr Hudson for taking on this role.

It was agreed that the clerk would report the faulty street light at the top of Hamel Way to Uttlesford District Council.

46.10 CRIME
This item was covered in public participation.

It was agreed that Cllr Forrest would liaise with Gary Dunnett regarding Widdington photos for the Parish Council website.
It was agreed that Chairman Southcott would add District Cllr Parry to the list of speakers for the Church Mead meeting.
It was agreed that Cllr Forrest would locate the abandoned dustbin of bottles on Springhill, and if possible dispose of, and if not liaise with District Cllr Jeremy Rose to arrange the Highways Rangers to attend.
The increased litter in Cornells Lane was acknowledged, and Chaiman Southcott agreed to particularly mention this in the village magazine. Councillors acknowledged Cllr Hudson`s continued efforts to clear Widdington of litter.
It was noted that a meeting of the Village Volunteers, Emergency Planning Committee and interested councillors, to deal with first aid training and familiarisation with the defibrillator will take place on the 3rd or 17th March.
District Cllr Jeremy Rose detailed the  16th Feb - Waste Strategy Planning Meeting
                                                     24th Feb - Cabinet Meeting
   26th Feb - Full Council Meeting.

Thursday 5th March, 2015.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

Amanda Lindsell - Clerk to the Council. 



The Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd June, 2010 were discussed and were then agreed by

Councillors and signed by the Chairman, Cllr Andrew Gardner.


Cllr Wilcock reported to the meeting that Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Local Government has

intimated that local councils can do what they like as regards local development and that Uttlesford

District Council are soon to discuss strategy regarding the proposed Elsenham development. Cllr

Gardner asked Cllr Wilcock if the proposed demise of the East of England Development Agency had

any bearing on this situation and Cllr Wilcock said that there may in future be a mini version of this set

up. Cllr Devine queried the proposal by government of banning ‘land grabbing’ but Cllr Wilcock said

that currently there is no legislation in place for this.

Muriel Dennison, resident, enquired about the car park lease saying that historically the car park was

left to villagers on a 99year lease at a peppercorn rent and that she said there was concern about

plans for large increases in rents for the garages in the future. Cllr Darling said that an eventual

increase to £50. per annum for one garage was quite reasonable and less than £1. per week. Cllr

Gardner said that there is no documentation to back up a 99 year lease and that the lease with

Uttlesford DC is for 7 years and requires renewal at the end of 2010. He also confirmed that the

Parish Council will be trying to obtain a longer lease to restrict Uttlesford DC from possibly building on

this area which is considered a prime site.


07.01 Statement of Accounts was reviewed and the council APPROVED four payments

totalling £232.22 for which cheques were signed by Cllrs Gardner and Southcott.

07.02 The Council also APPROVED two payments to Pinnacle Essex, the first being

£31954.48 and the second £3550.50 Once funds are received from the National Lottery

the first cheque will be handed to Pinnacle Essex. The second cheque being 10% of

the costs will be withheld until the Parish Council is assured all outstanding works are

completed. Due to the Parish Council not meeting in August, Cllr Gardner signed the

cheques and Cllr Southcott will only countersign once Lottery funds are received.

07.03 Cllr Darling presented Bank Reconciliation and statements to the meeting which were

AGREED and signed by Cllr Gardner.

07.04 End of Year Accounts and Audit Cllr Darling read out the Internal Auditors report,

carried out on June 8, 2010, which reported that she was satisfied that all requirements

had been complied with. Following agreement at the last meeting, the Annual Governance

Statement was signed by Cllr Gardner and the Clerk.

07.05 Insurance Renewal Cllr Darling reported that so far all playground equipment is now

fully covered although further adjustments may be necessary.


07.06 Cllr Gardner welcomed to the meeting Dave Smith, who has been co-opted onto the

Parish Council to take responsibility for the Playground. Clerk to arrange completion of

forms after close of meeting.

07.07 There remains one vacancy to be filled.


Airport, Grants

Nothing to discuss.

Environment, Footpaths, Ponds & Neighbourhood Watch

07.08 Cllr Southcott reported that the broken steps on bank of Footpath 17 have still to be repaired.

Clerk confirmed that this has been chased up and she will telephone Essex Highways again stressing

the dangerous condition of this bank.


Greens, Highways & Road Safety

07.09 Village Green. No further problems have been reported.

07.10 Vehicle & Child Safety in Hamel Way. Cllr Southcott reported that residents have expressed

concern on the safety of the footpath in Hamel Way, particularly when more children will be

visiting the new playground. Cllr Southcott suggested a mirror to be sited on a corner of the path

which will assist vehicles leaving and entering the car park. Clerk to contact Uttlesford DC to

arrange for them to visit and approve this plan or make other suggestions.



07.11 JPCSG and UDC Housing Consultation. Cllr Inkley informed the meeting that he would be

attending a JPCSG meeting on 8th July and that there is a meeting at Uttlesford DC offices on 7

September 2010 at 7.30pm which he hopes as many as possible will attend. ‘Save Our Villages’

still very active as the Company who owns the land is trying to sell it as a development site.

07.12 Newport Chalk Quarry. All Councillors have had a chance to look at these plans and Cllr

Gardner asked Cllr Wilcock Newport Parish Council’s stance on this. Cllr Wilcock will ask Clerk

at Newport PC to contact Widdington Parish Council’s Clerk. Clerk then to advise Councillors of

this and to include any remarks to the Planning Department.



07.13 Cllr Southcott informed the meeting that following the ROSPA inspection, alterations have

been made, items moved and certain equipment pegged down. Some improvements have

been made to matting which will improve as the grass grows through and boulders have been

moved, all to minimise risk as much as possible. Cllr Southcott recommended that playground

should be opened on 2 July 2010. Cllr Smith will make temporary laminated sign until permanent

signage is ready. The wording on signage and opening the playground on 2 July was

discussed and Cllr Gardner proposed that this be accepted and this was seconded by

Cllr Darling. Cllr Gardner thanked Cllr Southcott for her work regarding the ROSPA inspection

and ensuring works necessary were carried out and for mediating with nearby residents.

07.14 Tim Harding has revisited site and decided to keep to the figure quoted for maintenance but

to look at it again next year.

Village Hall Management Committee

Cllr Darling informed the meeting that the hall will be closed in August for one week whilst floor works

are carried out.

Car Park

This subject was covered earlier in meeting under Public Participation.

Emergency Planning

Cllr Darling reported there was nothing to be discussed.

Social Issues

07.15 Cllr Gardner consulted the meeting about the survey for Broadband speeds. This was

discussed and all agreed that Broadband speeds in Widdington were adequate.

Recycling Centre

Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.

Date of Next Meeting Thursday 2nd September, 2010 at 8.00pm,

The meeting closed at 9.45pm

Carole Garner

4 July, 2010

3rd June, 2010    

Widdington Parish Council 

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 3rd June 2010 subject to approval at next meeting. 

Present Cllr Andrew Gardner, Cllr Roy Darling, Cllr John Rhodes, Cllr Cathie Southcott and Cllr Garrett Devine                                                    

In Attendance Carole Garner, Cllr Ray Gooding, Cllr Peter Wilcock and 3 members of the public 

Apologies for Absence             Cllr Steve Inkley and Cllr Andrew Yarwood

Declaration of Interest Cllr Rhodes declared an interest in Wyse’s Field





The Minutes of the meeting held on 6th May, 2010 were discussed and Cllr Darling advised an alteration to the Minute for Internal Auditor to read £50. per hour and not £200. per day. The Minutes were then agreed by Councillors and signed by the Chairman, Cllr Andrew Gardner.



Mr Peter Foster who resided in the village many years ago brought a painting of a view in the village which he intends to bequeath to the village.  He explained the background story of the painting and Cllr Gardner on behalf of the Parish Council thanked him very much for attending the meeting, his very generous gesture and allowing the picture to be viewed.


Emma Arnold asked the Parish Council to be considered for a garage or a plot to build a garage according to the specifications of the Parish Council.  Cllr Darling advised that all garage building is on hold for the moment whilst awaiting details of renewal of lease.  Cllr Southcott asked what happens if residents build garage and then later move on. Cllr Darling will look at this situation when lease renewal is received from Uttlesford District Council.



Statement of Accounts was reviewed and the council APPROVED three payments totalling £561.32 for which cheques were signed by Cllrs Gardner and Southcott. Cllr Darling presented Bank Reconciliation to the meeting which was AGREED and signed by Cllr Gardner.

End of Year Accounts and Audit Cllr Darling presented draft Annual Return and Asset List to the meeting. The meeting discussed, approved and agreed the accounting statements and these will be signed by Chairman, Cllr Gardner and Responsible Financial Officer, Cllr Darling. The Annual Governance Statement was also discussed, approved and agreed and will be signed by Cllr Gardner and the Clerk.  These will all follow the Audit taking place on June 8, 2010.

Insurance Renewal Cllr Darling announced that he had drawn a further cheque in the sum of £311.14 to cover additional equipment at the playground. This amount is included in the Statement of Accounts approved earlier.



There remain two vacancies and Cllr Gardner urged all Councillors to continue trying to recruit.




Airport, Grants

Cllr Gardner confirmed the news that BAA have withdrawn the planning application for a second runway and asked the Clerk to circulate the information received from SSE. Cllr Wilcock asked Councillors if they had had any reports of excessive aircraft noise over the village recently.  Most Councillors reported that there had been an increase in noise and cited Tuesday night that week between the hours of 10 and 12pm when it was particularly alarming.

Environment, Footpaths, Ponds & Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr Southcott reported that the broken step on bank of Footpath 17 has still to be repaired and now a further step is broken. Clerk to chase this up.                                                                                    CG

Cllr Southcott advised that she is considering organising a footpath clearance walk, particularly through environs of Wood End.                                                                                                           CS                                                                                                                          

Greens, Highways & Road Safety

Village Green.  Cllr Devine informed the meeting that he had plotted a route on the Tom-tom satellite navigation system and this had taken the correct route through the village.  He said that he was personally against altering the green in any way as it was a step to change a rural setting into an urban setting.  The Clerk gave a report on attempting to obtain the services of a qualified Civil Engineer but those contacted would not take on such a small job and many ground workers set themselves up to be Civil Engineers but are not qualified. The Clerk did obtain some verbal advice from an Engineer who knew the green and who suggested that the Parish Council might find Engineer’s fees, cost of works and maintenance thereof would likely outweigh the costs of just restoring the green when damage occurs.

The Clerk was asked to chase up Essex Highways regarding installation of extra grit bin.        CG

Cllr Rhodes advised that he had received no reply from Uttlesford DC regarding land clearance on Springhill which is their responsibility.  He will chase up.                                                       JR



There was nothing to discuss.



Cllr Southcott reported that Phase 2 was nearing completion and a ROSPA inspection would be taking place next week.


Village Hall Management Committee

Cllr Darling passed a report from the AGM to the Clerk to be circulated to Councillors.                  CG


Car Park

Cllr Darling told the meeting that Sam Chapman had made an application to park a caravan on a potential garage plot and live in it whilst building works were being carried out on her property. This was discussed and it was agreed that this should be refused on the grounds that it could set a dangerous precedent and Clerk was asked to write to advise her of this.                                        CG                                                           

Emergency Planning

Cllr Darling reported there was nothing to be discussed.


Social Issues

Nothing to report.


Recycling Centre

Nothing to report.



Wyse’s Field Update. 

Following the refusal of the Parish Council’s offer to purchase this land Cllrs Gardner, Darling, Southcott and Devine agreed that no further action be taken.


Date of Next Meeting Thursday 1st July, 2010 at 8.00pm,


The meeting closed at 9.15pm


Carole Garner

6 June, 2010    



Chairman Andrew Gardner welcomed 9 villagers to the Meeting and introduced the members of the Parish Council, expressing thanks to Anne Taylor, Denis Mongon and Rob Bagley who have resigned recently for their contributions.

He informed the meeting that the Parish Council had dug into reserves to subsidise the precept for this coming year, an action taken to keep charges down in this difficult financial climate.

Cllr Gardner confirmed that Colin Carr of Carr and Bircher has won his appeal to continue works at Hollow Road site until July 2014 when the site should be finally restored. 


Katrina Allhusen – Mole Hall

Katrina Allhusen informed the meeting that Mole Hall Park would re-open in July. They are in the process of clearing park, refurbishing play area and cafe but would not be keeping as many animals as they had in the past. Deer, wallabies, goats and pigs will be returning and one of their aims is to also improve the wetlands. Mrs Johnson, owner of Mole Hall is delighted the park will be re-opening.

Cllr Southcott questioned whether coaches and school parties would be visiting the park and Katrina said it was not the intention to advertise far and wide as previously done and that to combat traffic blocking Cornells Lane they are to re-site the entrance kiosk  further into the park so people would park first and then pay.  They are also considering plans for the flat area near cafe to have a marquee installed for functions. Cllr Gardner said that maybe some space could be found for Allotment plots. 

Simon Lee – JPCSG, Uttlesford DC Consultation on Housing

Simon Lee brought those at the meeting up to date on events concerning the above. The Group have a retained adviser experienced in this matter who has helped them to put the suggested answer pack together and sent to all residents in the parishes supporting the opposing of Option 4.  He advised that at minimum questions 1 and 2 should be completed and the terms ‘strongly object’ used where necessary and as much as possible.  Transport and Water studies have only recently been carried out and have failed to prove sustainability and Simon confirmed that there are no plans for extra schools, medical care etc.  The situation of the railway station with a level crossing and little other access apart from narrow winding country lanes is a major problem.  Cllr Yarwood said that the rail network in this area is at full capacity and would not be able to cope with extra passengers commuting from such a large development. Simon Lee re-iterated that all forms replying to UDC’s questionnaire should be sent by 9 April and could also be completed on-line.  The JPCSG would appreciate being copied those sent on-line under website Save Our Village.

Dawn Truscott and Natasha Eagleton – Widdington Playground Committee

Dawn informed the meeting that the new playground is a resounding success due to a great team of people, funding and grants, particularly Gemma Mears and Sam Chapman. With construction of Phase 1 completed and further funding awarded to make playground aesthetically pleasing they were now at the final hurdle and hoped to be fully functioning by the summer.  They have appointed a Project Manager for Phase 2. The Playground is in regular use and residents are invited to go and look at the results. Cllr Gardner congratulated the Playground Committee on their wonderful achievement.

Christine Rhodes – Widdington PCC

Christine informed the meeting of progress on planned refurbishment at the Church. They aim to have the bells ringing once again, a lavatory installed and electrification of winding mechanism of the clock.  The PCC have to raise 10% of the costs before they can get any grants.  All matters move very slowly and they hope to have plans to show to English Heritage soon.  They have two fund raising events planned. There will be a Hog Roast in June, run jointly with the Girl Guides to be held at London Jock Wood and a Photographic Exhibition to be held later in the year.

Garrett Devine – Widdington Garden and Allotment Society

Garrett explained history of the founding of the Society which Karen Kenny of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners helped them to establish.  They currently have registered 9 residents applying for allotment plots and 12 residents for the Garden Club. They have held meetings planning trips, talks etc and plan a plant sale on the village green on June 5.  They are also holding a quiz evening at 7.30pm on 21 April.  The Society’s aims are to establish a good focal point to help make Widdington an even stronger community and to reduce their carbon footprint.  Benefits of membership they have obtained are, free manure and 10% discount at Stalleys Barn and Saggers in Newport.  Wyse’s Field has been mooted as a possibility for allotment plots and a meeting is planned between the Parish Council and a representative from Sworders Agricultural.  Garrett advised when questioned that no further information is available on this field until meeting has taken place.

Peter Willcock – District Councillor

Peter announced that this was his 16th year reporting to the Widdington Annual Village Meeting.  He said that the key change in the village is the threat to its quality of life. First being housing.  He is generally opposed to single settlement and is supporting JPCSG. Second is the airport. There has been a decline in air traffic over last year and yet Stansted still seems to be preferred location for expansion.  He is also not in favour of extra supermarket being built in Saffron Walden along with expansion of Tesco’s store and feels that this is a threat to all small shops in surrounding villages, not just those in Saffron Walden.  Litter continues to be a major problem and there is a national campaign supported by Essex County Council.  The District Council rate increase for the coming year is 2.9%.

Ray Gooding – County Councillor

Ray said he was pleased to see that Mole Hall are going to re-open and that the playground is a success and was sure that the WAGS will get their allotments. He reported that Essex County Council is always concerned with the infrastructure of the County and that Peter Martin has taken over at Essex CC.  The Council have had great success in opening post offices in Essex villages and that the Bank of Essex to serve small businesses in the community is steadily growing. Child services were downgraded due to a national shortage of social workers but were now up to full strength and getting back on track with supporting children in care. Essex had increased their rates by 1.9%. Ray said that with the General Election coming up there will be cuts and some services will be very stretched. Questioned on recycling, he admitted that the Council does not get a great deal back. 

Cllr Southcott announced to the meeting that there will be a Village Litter Pick on 3 May at 10am and residents are invited to come along and help. 

The Chairman of the Parish Council Cllr Andrew Gardner gave thanks to all the speakers for their time and talks and also to the members of the public who attended. He closed the meeting at 9.15pm

Refreshments were served following the meeting. 


Carole Garner, Clerk   2/4/10 


Widdington Parish Council 

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 1st April 2010 subject to approval at next meeting. 

Present Cllr Andrew Gardner, Cllr Roy Darling, Cllr John Rhodes, Cllr Cathie Southcott and Cllr Garrett Devine                                                    

In Attendance Carole Garner, Cllr Peter Willcock and Cllr Andrew Yarwood 

Apologies for Absence             Cllr Steve Inkley

Declaration of Interest There were no declarations of interest.



The Minutes of the meeting held on 4th March, 2010 were agreed and signed by the Chairman,

Cllr Andrew Gardner.



There were no members of the public present at meeting.



Statement of Accounts was reviewed and the council APPROVED two payments totalling £1586.88 for which cheques were signed by Cllrs Gardner and Southcott. Cllr Darling presented Bank Reconciliation to the meeting which was agreed and signed by Cllr Gardner. 



Cllr Gardner announced the resignation of Rob Bagley due to the pressure of work commitments and Clerk was asked to write formally to him thanking him for his time and efforts over the past 

months.                                                                                                                                           CG

Widdington Playground Committee have been approached to supply a representative to sit on Parish Council to be responsible for overseeing maintenance of playground but no reply has been received to date.



Airport, Grants

Cllr Gardner reported that there was nothing to discuss.

Environment, Footpaths, Ponds & Neighbourhood Watch

Nothing to Report.

Greens, Highways & Road Safety

Church Lane Beech Tree Quotation It was unanimously agreed to accept quotation from Treetops in the sum of £193.88

Sewage problem in High Street  Cllr Rhodes reported that he has been unable to enquire further on this problem as he has been abroad.  Cllr Southcott reported that she had heard that Dynorod had searched piping with a camera and there was a break in pipe deep down and when repairs are carried out, this will mean closing the High Street but this has not been substantiated as yet.

Spring Litter Pick Cllr Rhodes will contact relevant department at Uttlesford DC to reserve equipment for litter pick to be carried out on 3 May at 10am

Cllr Rhodes reported that Mr and Mrs Kemp had approached him requesting that posts or bollards be installed on green following further damage by vehicles.  Cllr Rhodes to contact Essex Highways.JR

Cllr Rhodes also reported that a hedge on Springhill needs to be cut back and he will speak to Essex Highways on this work.                                                                                                                     JR



Planning permission is being sought for the installation of a tennis court at Swaynes Hall and documents are still circulating amongst Councillors.  This item to be discussed at May meeting.

Uttlesford Housing Consultation to be deferred to Annual Village Meeting later in evening.



This item to be deferred to Annual Village Meeting later in evening.


Village Hall Management Committee

Cllrs Darling and Southcott confirmed that approval was given at last meeting for grit bin to be installed if necessary on Village Hall plot, also for new notice boards outside the hall.


Car Park

Nothing to report.


Emergency Planning

Cllr Darling informed the meeting that he attended a general meeting locally with other Parish Councils in April and will be putting together a new plan by June meeting.


Social Issues

Nothing to report.


Recycling Centre

Nothing to report.




Cllr Devine reported that Clerk had arranged a meeting at Wyse’s Field with Camilla Smylie of Sworders Agricultural at 3pm on 8 April the results of which will be discussed at the May meeting.


Date of Next Meeting Thursday 6th May, 2010 at 8.00pm,


The meeting closed at 8.00pm


Carole Garner

2 April, 2010  


 9th  February 2010

Widdington Parish Council 

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 4th February 2010 subject to approval at next meeting. 

Present Cllr Andrew Gardner, Cllr Roy Darling, Cllr John Rhodes, Cllr Rob Bagley and Cllr Steve Inkley                                                    

In Attendance Carole Garner, Cllr Peter Willcock and 8 members of the public 

Apologies for Absence             Cllr Cathie Southcott and Cllr Yarwood

Declaration of Interest There were no declarations of interest.



The Minutes of the meeting held on 7th January, 2010 were agreed and signed by the Chairman,

Cllr Andrew Gardner.



Mr and Mrs McGovern are concerned about the security of the playground following an incident of noisy teenagers aged approximately 16 sitting on the play bus during one evening, swearing and being generally offensive to nearby residents.  Cllr Gardner asked if Mr and Mrs McGovern knew whether these teenagers resided in the village but they were unable to confirm if this was the case. Mr and Mrs McGovern asked the Parish Council how they intended to police this facility and that a lock and padlock should be installed.  Cllr Gardner said that unfortunately locking the playground would not deter anyone intent on entering and although signage to be eventually installed would probably quote an age limit of 12 years old as per the original sign, the task of locking and unlocking adhering to say opening times was difficult to manage.  Mrs McGovern also expressed concern regarding security of resident’s cars parked by playground and visitors to playground parking on these spots.

Cllr Gardner advised that there is a public meeting in the village hall on Tuesday 9th February at 8pm for presentation by the Playground Committee of Phase II of the works which all Hamel Way residents are being personally invited to.  Cllr Gardner asked the Clerk to include in Parish Council’s article for the village magazine a plea to parents in the village to restrain their teenagers from using the playground as a meeting place at any time.  The Clerk also to contact Fiona Gardiner of Uttlesford DC to arrange a meeting with members of the Parish Council to discuss security.                                  CG


Garrett Devine, representing the Widdington Allotments and Gardening Society (WAGS) informed the meeting that since the last PC Meeting they had set up a committee, bank account and website, held a couple of meetings and organised contact with the local press.  The Society will be distributing membership leaflets to all residents and personally targeting all members of the original gardening society in the village.  Gary Dunnett asked the Parish Council’s permission to hold a plant sale on the Village Green early summer to raise funds and this was agreed.  Cllr Gardner invited Garrett Devine to sit on the Parish Council to take responsibility for Allotments and he accepted.  Cllr Gardner asked Clerk to arrange documents and also to forward details of the interest registered in Wyses Field.    CG



Duncan Gunn informed the meeting that many footpaths in and around the village are impassable quagmires and Cllr Gardner asked Mr Gunn that whilst PC is momentarily without a Councillor responsible for footpaths would he please advise Parish Council which footpaths are affected so they can contact appropriate department at Essex CC.


Following Uttlesford DC’s approval of the planning application for Church View, Ken Kemp gave a verbal report of the Development Control meeting of Uttlesford DC.  He said that he had written to Mr Roger Harborough re-iterating all points already put forward against the application by the Parish Council and himself. He is waiting for a reply but was advised that nothing further could be done until detailed planning permission was applied for.  One point that did not arise was that Mr Kemp had been consulted by Essex Highways regarding passing places being installed on entrance road to village from B1383 and which he had made suggestions on.  Apparently Uttlesford DC had not consulted Essex Highways.  Cllr Inkley suggested that Ken Kemp be co-opted onto Parish Council as he appeared to be on top of this matter.  Cllr Gardner asked Cllr Willcock if there was anything Parish Council could do to influence judgement but he replied there was nothing that could be done in the meantime.




Statement of Accounts was reviewed and the council APPROVED one payment of £158.54 

and cheque was signed but authorised signatories.  Cllr Gardner signed approved Statement of Accounts.


External Audit Report – The Risk Assessment Report has not been read by all Councillors and this is to be examined and discussed at March meeting.




In addition to Mr Garrett Devine being co-opted onto Parish Council taking responsibility for Allotments, enquiries are being made to co-opt a member of the Playground Committee to take responsibility for the Playground in the future.

Cllr Bagley is to take responsibility for Environmental Issues and the Recycling Centre. Cllr Inkley is to take responsibility for Planning.  Other outstanding responsibilities to be allocated after further discussion at the March meeting.




Airport, Grants

Nothing to discuss.

Environment, Footpaths, Ponds & Neighbourhood Watch

The Clerk reported great difficulty in getting assistance to remove graffiti on railway bridge and Cllr Willcock said he would look into and establish who should be approached to remedy this.            PW

Greens, Highways & Road Safety

Clerk obtained quote from Essex Highways for an additional grit bin to be installed in village. The price quoted was £350. for the bin to be refilled free when necessary.  Clerk has received an email from Elsenham PC saying they had been quoted £300. which they felt was an exorbitant sum when various websites were quoting much less.  It was generally agreed that Clerk would offer Widdington Parish Council’s support to Elsenham PC and a final decision would be made at the March meeting.


Cllr Rhodes made a request for the beech tree on the little green outside Church be pruned as branches are impeding traffic.  Clerk to request quotation for work from Top Trees.                       CG


Cllr Gardner presented forms for approval and signature for trees to be cut back from power lines on Village Green.  This work is being carried out by Fountains, contractors to EDF Energy. Clerk has sought confirmation from Uttlesford District Council that this work can be carried out particularly on trees which have a preservation order on them.  Uttlesford DC confirmed that EDF have a blanket exemption from seeking permission.  Cllr Gardner signed the forms on behalf of the Parish Council.


Update on JPCSG.  Cllr Inkley informed the meeting that there was nothing to report at this current time.

UDC Planning Consultation.  Cllr Inkley explained the basic details of the UDC options to create over 3000 homes in the area.  Options 1, 2 and 3 are for the houses to be spread all over Uttlesford and Option 4 is for development of over 3000 homes in one space between Elsenham and Henham and the remaining 1000 to be spread over the area. Cllr Inkley recommended that the Parish Council reject Option 4 being a large scale building plan like the Eco town project.  He advised that next week all residents in Widdington would receive a questionnaire on this option and would have until 9 April 2010 to comment on this Consultation.  Cllr Inkley suggested a one-page flyer to all residents to ask them not to reply to Consultation until experts involved give their feedback. It was generally agreed for Cllr Inkley to go ahead with the Flyers and articles on village website and village magazine.





All matters covered earlier in Meeting.

Village Hall Management Committee

Cllr Darling confirmed that the Committee had completed their Audit.

Car Park

The Clerk confirmed that she was still awaiting a reply from Mr Perry at Uttlesford DC regarding the extension of the lease.                                                                                                                        CG


Emergency Planning

Nothing to report.


Social Issues

Nothing to report.


Recycling Centre

Cllr Rhodes informed the meeting that Carr and Bircher won their appeal over Essex CC to continue extracting and recycling at the site until 31.12.2013 and then until 31.12.2014 to reinstate site.



All matters covered earlier in Meeting.

Date of Next Meeting Thursday 4th March 2010 at 8.00pm                       

The meeting closed at 10.00pm


Carole Garner

6 February, 2010   

Date of Next Meeting Thursday 1st May 2008 at 8.00pm 

 Widdington Parish Council  News


3rd April 2008

Widdington Parish Council

 Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 3rd April 2008

 Present               Andrew Gardner, Roy Darling, Cathie Southcott, Anne Taylor, Denis Mongon

In Attendance                          Asa Clark, 0 members of the public

Apologies for Absence            Cllr Andrew Yarwood

Declaration of Interest                        NONE 


Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd March 2008 were AGREED and signed



1. Statement of Accounts for year end 2007/08 and 1st month for 2008/9 were reviewed and the council APPROVED total payments of £822.80.

 A decision on the amount to be donated to SSE was deferred until discussion with members of the public during the Annual Village meeting had taken place. 

2. It was AGREED to transfer sufficient funds to current account to cover payments         




 AGENDA ITEMS – essential business only

Airport & Grants 

1.       Airport 2nd runway application for planning approval has been submitted

2.       Grants nothing to report Environment, Footpaths, Ponds & Neighbourhood Watch 

1.       Another successful walk to clear footpaths took place on Easter Sunday.  There was not a lunch after the walk, therefore no costs were incurred.

Greens, Highways & Road Safety 

1.       Verges  Highways will reinstate the verge on Beetle Lane following the recent visit of travellers 

2.       Dog Warden will replace the current signage with new signs advising dog walkers of the new dog control orders

3.        Damage to the Green Highways to investigate a range of proposals put forward by the council. An additional suggestion was made that drivers park on the Green side of South Green to protect the grass, forcing traffic to pass on the kerbside 

Planning nothing to report


1.       The grass is to be cut shortly

2.       Play equipment is to be washed, following a complaint about its state

3.       Quiz evening raised over £800 for the Playground Appeal

Village Hall Management Committee Nothing to report 

Car Park 

1.       Ben Sewell has removed all of the wrecks from the car park

Village Design Statement  

1.       The group has received feedback from UDC and RCCE on the draft document.  A final draft is to be produced in the next few weeks

Emergency Planning 

1.       Parishes meeting recently took place

Social Issues Nothing to report 


1.       The plastic rubbish blowing from the site has been cleared up

2.       Colin Carr has agreed to the a site visit for interested Councillors

3.       It was AGREED that this items would be renamed the Recycling Centre on future Agenda


Date of Next Meeting Thursday 1st May 2008 at 8.00pm 


The meeting closed at 7.30pm

 Asa Clark                    28/04/08





Chairman Andrew Gardner introduced the members of the Parish Council to an audience of some 20 villagers.  He thanked Phil Mullenger, who had recently stood down, for his work on the council and announced that 2 vacancies exist for the position of Councillor should anyone be interested in standing.


The Chairman highlighted a number of areas that had been of concern to the Parish Council over the last 12 months, which included: the building of a house in the Fleur de Lys garden, the public enquiry for the development of Stansted Airport, the Playground Appeal which the Parish Council whole heartedly supports, the excellent Village Design Statement the final draft of which is due to be published shortly.


He explained that the Precept for 2008/9 had risen to just over £10,000 and then went on to elucidate the reasons behind this increase.  Over the last 4 or 5 years the precept had been kept to a minimum with very little being spent over the standard requirements for the village.  In years prior to this there had been occasions when the precept had been higher to raise funds for a playing field and for the village hall.  With the exception of the donation to the playground appeal the remainder of costs within the budget had been kept as low as possible.  The audience was polled on their views on a donation to Stop Stansted Expansion; previously a donation of around 85% of £500 had been made to SSE.  Villagers present were asked whether the Parish Council should continue to make donations of a similar amount or whether it more appropriate that the amount should be reduced.  A show of hands indicated that 8 members of public were fore the donation to continue at this level, whilst 7 were against the proposal believing the amount should be reduced.  It was therefore AGREED that this matter should be discussed further at the next Parish Council meeting in May.





Widdington Playground Appeal – Sarah Weir & Kevin Truscott

 The appeal was set up in October to improve the playground for children up to the age of 11-12 years old.  The group wished to provide a landscaped environment and update the equipment with additional sustainable and challenging equipment for children of all ages.  The Parish Council had been approached for funding and quotes in the region of £30,000 had been obtained from specialist suppliers. 


Plans for the new equipment were launched at the Christmas Fayre and excellent feedback on the equipment was collected plus further play ideas from the children attending.  As part of the grant applications the appeal group is required to give evidence that the village has approved of the scheme and a show of hands for support of the scheme was requested.  The vote in favour of the project was unanimous.  The Parish Council has given £2000 to the group and a number of other grants have been applied for.  A grant from Viridor has been sort for £30,000 but conditions of the application require a 10% (£3,000) from an independent 3rd party local company, which the appeal group is currently seeking.  A number of fund raising events have taken place since October and the appeal has currently raised just short of £5,000.  Caroline Lloyd has organised the making of a patchwork quilt to be raffled later in the year to raise funds.  There have also been a number of generous donations from local people and others have agreed to host events to raise further funds. 


Finally the group expressed thanks to the Parish Council, and in particular Cathie Southcott, and the Village Hall Management Committee for their support of the project.


Carr & Bircher’s Recycling Centre – Colin Carr & Tony Weaver 

Colin Carr announced to the meeting that he had that day been notified that planning had been refused for the waste transfer station and a wood burner for the site.  At this stage he was unsure why the applications for the recycling centre had been refused.  There had been some confusion over the planning application, which had been delayed in submission. Originally it was believed a reapplication for permission was required rather than a completely new application.

Over the last 5 years £175,000 had been spent on fees and testing for the site to ensure regulations were adhered to.  However it appears that the Environment Agency and the Local Council are unable to agree how the site should be used and restored. 


The meeting was informed that 40% of the contents of a skip goes into the tip, with every load being sorted and screened before tipping.  It was also reported that the footpath that passed through the site had been reinstated to its original position, as recorded on local maps.


Mr Carr stated that once details of the reasons for refusal were known there were a number of decisions to be made about the site in Hollow Road. Until then he was unable to comment further on the matter.


Sustainable Uttlesford – Paul Garland

Mr Garland, Chairman of the group, explained the group of local volunteers is supported by the local authority to aid sustainable development of the area.  In 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit Agenda 21 was set up to provide development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. The Government wants to reduce carbon emissions by 80-90% to stop the irrecoverable damage of the life support systems of the planet.


Uttlesford District Council plans to reduce its carbon footprint to a sustainable level similar to that of the national level.  The average carbon footprint for an individual in the US is 20 tonnes per annum, in Uttlesford District Council it is 11 tonnes per annum, the world average figure is 2.5tonnes per annum for sustainable life, whilst in Tanzania it is just 0.1 tonnes.


Sustainable Uttlesford’s recent carbon neutral conference looked at practical solutions for people to reduce their carbon footprints.  The group also has held a number of road shows and themed meeting as part of the sustainable homes network.  At a recent show in Saffron Walden individual carbon footprints for over 100 visitors were calculated and gave a range of 22.5 between 7.9 tonnes of carbon. 


The meeting was told that making small changes could make a difference ; if everyone  turned electrical equipment off rather than leaving it on standby one power station could be shut down.  Switching off a light when you leave a room, buying locally where possible and using seasonal foods will reduce carbon costs.  Ensuring that all new appliances are AA or AAA rated and making sure that loft insulation is of a high standard are also effective means of reduction.  Using public transport where possible, reducing car and plane travel usage and reviewing emissions of cars when purchasing a new vehicle can also make a contribution.


Grants for loft insulation are available from Uttlesford.  Details can be found on or from Jake Roos at the Council Offices.


Uttlesford District Councillor – Peter Wilcock

Councillor Wilcock gave his support to the Playground Appeal Group and their work to raise funds for new playground equipment.


He mentioned the financial difficulties Uttlesford District Council had had over the last year with the Director of Finances and the Chief Executive leaving.  He also talked about the proposed development of 4,000 houses in Elsenham.  The scheme is one of 15 nationally being put forward for further investigation by the Government.  The NATS scheme currently under consultation for a change of flight paths routed over Saffron Walden in 2009 was also mentioned, along with the application for a second runway at Stansted that had recently been submitted by BAA.  The outcome of the public planning enquiry for the current runway is still awaited but Councillor Wilcock believed that the go ahead would be given for an increase in flights from Stansted.


Councillor Wilcock reported that in the district of Uttlesford recycling reached 60%.  The contents of the green bins goes to Tilbury where it is sorted; paper is recycled in Europe and returns in the form of newspaper.  Compost waste is taken to Cambridge where is it sold as a soil conditioner after processing.




Essex County Councillor – Ray Gooding

Councillor Gooding explained that Essex has one of the longest coastlines in England, with 2 airports, 2 seaports, 10,000 miles of roads, a population of 1.3 million and a budget of £2.1 billion.  There are 600 schools in the county and some 30,000 elderly people are cared for, with 1,300 children in care.  Currently the County Council is looking for 200 additional foster carers.  A programme of rebuilding, replacing or refurbishing schools over the next 10 years is being undertaken by ECC, with £1.1 billion budgeted to be spent by 2009 – 2013 on schools in the county. 


Councillor Gooding confirmed a cross party consensus within the county to support Stop Stansted Expansion’s campaign against further development of Stansted Airport.  There is also strong opposition to the plans for an eco-town in Elsenham. Such a development would have a major impact on the area in terms of water and power resources, and the local road network, all of which are currently inadequate for such a expansion.  The plans indicate that 60% of the new population would be likely to work at Stansted.



Following thanks to the speakers for most interesting and informative talks and to the members of the public who attended the Chairman of the Parish Council closed the meeting at 9.40pm


Refreshments were served following the meeting.



Asa Clark             28/04/08



Widdington Parish Council Archives


Minutes to the Parish Council Meeting  03-Mar 2005


Minutes of the Widdington  Parish Council  Meeting  held on Thursday,

3rd March 2005

Chairperson  Colin Taylor   Clerk: Doreen Robson 

Present. Colin Taylor.  Anne Cline.  Muriel Dennison. Ken Kemp. Jeremy Wilson.

Apologies for Absence :- Andrew Gardner. Juliet Bickerton .  Bill Bowker. 

Peter Wilcock.

In Attendance.  Richard Wallace. 2 members of the public.

Declarations of Interest.   None.

Minutes. The minutes of the meeting held  on 3rd February 2005 were approved and signed.

Public Participation

Matters Arising from the Minutes.

Theses will be in 2 parts. First matters arising directly from the minutes and secondly matters arising from the circulated information.

1a) Bottle Banks. There will be a meeting at Shire Hill Depot on 17th March at 3:30pm to inspect the noise reducing bottle banks.

1b) Car Park Lease. This has been received and is to be circulated for comment.

2a) Best Village Competition. It was decided to enter the competition again this year and the Clerk will fill in the necessary application.

2b) Annual Village Meeting, Thursday, 7th April 20005.  The meeting will commence a 7:30pm for essential business. The speaker for the evening at 8pm will be Alan Prentice from Sport Outreach. A flier has been printed for inclusion in the magazine. It was agreed that an update on the Airport situation would be helpful and Peter Sanders would be approached on the matter.

2c) Items for May Agenda.  PP3, Christmas Event, Notice Boards, Clerk?s position, and Co-option of new councillor.


The Statement of Accounts and the cheques to be paid were approved by the council.

The Clerk had queried the Invoice for £117 for the connection to the Christmas lights on the Green. This will now be reduced to approx. £53. The council approved the payment of this amount when the new invoice is received.

The Clerk estimated that there would be approx. £1,100 in hand at the close of the financial year, including £325 v.a.t. to be claimed. The council approved £500 being made available to match a grant for the notice board for the Definitive map if this grant is approved. Any remaining  funds would be added to the contingency fund to build up a better reserve.

Agenda Items.

1) Airport. Nothing to report.

Grants & Agenda 21.  Cllr. Gardner sent his report. The Grant application towards the cost of a notice board for the definitive map had gone to the Small Grants Board as the closing date for application was 1st March.

3)Car Park. Nothing further to report.

Playground. Cllr. Dennison reported that following the circulation of the Wicksteed report and their quote for work to be done a quote for this work has now been received from Tim - £150 plus materials ( the main material item being bark approx £150). She proposed that this quote should be accepted and the work put in hand as soon as possible. This was seconded by Cllr. Cline and approved by the meeting. Cllr. Denison will make the necessary arrangements.

3)Ponds. Nothing to report.

Neighbourhood Watch. Nothing to report.

4) Greens. A letter has been sent to the company whose lorry has been presumed responsible for damage to the Green. Cllr. Kemp reported that a letter had been received re. the  Plane tree on the Green. The work can be put in hand in 6 weeks if there is no objection at an approx cost of £80.

5) Highways & Road Safety. The sign has now been replaced at the Beadle Lane triangle. Some of the rubbish had been removed from Hollow Lane, but there was still some in the culvert and by the railway.

6)Planning.  There were no objections to the planning applications from 1 Brick Cottages, Clare House and Brookside.

The rubbish has been removed from the Bluebells Site. Inspectors have visited the Oxcroft site but no information has been received.

7)Social Issues.   The response to the East of England Plan is due by 16th March 2005. Cllr. Wilson will liaise with Cllr. Gardner to make the council response.

Cllr. Wilson will also liaise with Cllr. Taylor to move forward the setting up of a free website through Local Channel.

 Cllr. Wilson raised the problem caused  by the tenant landlord leaving the Fleur de Lys and the council awaits further information on the matter.

V.H.M.C. The next meeting will take place on 10th March 2005.


D.O.N.M.  7th April  2005 at 7:30pm followed by the Annual Village Meeting at 8pm.








Letter from Mr Andrew Gardner to BAA



Mr Terry Morgan                                                               Widdington Parish Council

Managing Director                                                            C/o Elmstead

BAA Stansted                                                                   Springhill

Enterprise House                                                              Widdington

Stansted Airport                                                                 Essex

CM24 1QW


  4th February 2006


Dear Mr Morgan


You have invited our comments on your December 2005 Consultation about the siting of your proposed second runway at Stansted Airport. Widdington Parish Council is opposed to a second runway regardless of its positioning. This is the overwhelming message which local people have given BAA, time and again.

 In the October 2002 poll conducted on behalf of Uttlesford District Council 89% of those who voted were against any additional runway at Stansted. You claim to be listening to local people so what part of ‘NO’ do you not understand?


Yours sincerely



Andrew Gardner


Widdington Parish Council