John Greene

I have a larger copy if anyone needs it or you can see it at The Records Office Chelmsford 

Brass effigy

In 1872
This little 14th century Brass effigy was found
 beneath the old stone church floor.
When the brass civilian was discovered it
was still affixed to its stone slab.
After the restoration it was affixed to the north 
wall of the Nave,  where it can be seen to this day

I found a snippet suggesting the brass effigy is of

John Greene, 1400- 1473 : Speaker of the House of Commons 1460

He originated from 

After marring Anges Duke, of Widdington Hall, and maybe after her 
fathers death he took over the Hall and made Widdington his home

He was a gentleman of great worship

and a patron of the our church.

He married John Duke's Doughtier , Agnes Duke, of Widdington Hall,

John Green, who died on the 1st May 1473 was buried in Gosfield, Essex,

His brother David was Parson of Little Samford, Essex,

The dress and hairstyle is of that era 

When i decided to make an Oak garden gate for my cottage,
 I copied and caved the effigy for the centre oak panel. 
You can see the making of the gate here. 

John Greene was Speaker of the House of Commons of England in 1460
22nd30 July 146014607 October 1460c.4 March 1461 ?John Green139

Essex Record Office
Item Pedigree of descendants of John and Agnes Greene of Widdington, c.1400-1589

John Greene, married John Duke's Doughtier , Agnes Duke, of Widdington Hall,
John Greene’s second wife Editha, daughter of John Rolf and widow of John Helion. She died in 1498 and buried in leez priory Essex, next to her first husband, They had a Doughtier Isabel  

Reference Code D/DU 1280/1
Dates of Creation 1589
Extent 1 roll
Title [Pedigree of descendants of John and Agnes Greene of Widdington, c.1400-1589]
Scope and Content Original title: 'The line of the worshipfull famylye of the Greenes which hath bine since the time of Kinge Edward the thirde Anno Do. who cominge out of Chesshire gentlemen of great worshipp hath continued in the countie of Essex with noe lesse creditt untill the one and thirtie yeere of the raigne of our soueraigne Queene Elizabeth 1589'.

Many dates, and a few whole panels, left uncompleted. Illumination in colour, including many shields of arms, two full achievements of arms (at bottom), and full-length portraits of three figures: John Greene of Gosfield, died 1443 [recte 1473], Speaker of the House of Commons, shown in a legal gown; his younger brother William Greene of [Little] Sampford, died 1449, shown as a man-at-arms; and William's son and heir Sir John Greene of [Little] Sampford, a soldier depicted as a mounted knight, each with some biographical detail. Cartouche, enclosed in strapwork, showing a watercourse with reeds bending in the current and with buildings on either shore; underneath, on a tasselled band, motto 'Flectimur non frangimur undis' ['We bend to the waves but do not break'].