Widdington at War 

Britain and Widdington went to war on August 4th  1914

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.



James Thomas Stevens, Rector of Widdington from 1950 to 1965
During the  WW1 served as a Staff Sgt Major ASC attached  as a clerk in the HQ of the 4th Division. 
He got an MID in 1916, was awarded an MSM in 1917 and by 1919 got a Croix de Guerre from the King of the Belgians. 
He finished the war as a First Class Warrant Officer in the RASC.

A small tribute to Mr Hubert Benton, From Staffordshire.  
He was stationed in Saffron Walden for training before going to France, where he was killed in April 1915.
He came over to Widdington and spent most of his days practising trench digging around the village.
He wrote a letter to tell May his girl friend about his Christmas in 1914.  
The poor chap drew the short straw and spent that Christmas guarding the post office in Widdington, with full kit and rifle!


A separate file was kept for each Area in which incidents occurred during a raid or period of raiding and all messages relating to incidents in any one Area were included in that Area’s file. Messages received or dispatched about an incident after a raid were also attached to the appropriate incident file. When Incident Files were no longer required for current reference they were bound together chronologically in volumes according to Areas. Each volume contains an index to the dates of the raids and localities affected in the area. North Western Area covers:


26 August 1940 Newport, Thaxted (plane), Widdington (plane), Elder Street closed, Wimbish, Cole End (plane). (Hatfield Broad Oak, Arkesdon, Duddenhoe End, Elmdon, Langley, Good Easter, White Roding, High Easter). Little Hallingbury. See message 20/18 from N. W.

29/30 November 1940 Widdington, High Easter (Between Henham and Debden), Thaxted.

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