This is it 

This is the only  website you will ever need

Digg stuff

  • Digg Comment Viewer - View all your Digg comments quickly and easily
  • Digg Story Watcher - This will monitor a Digg story and alert you with sound when events occur
  • Moving Dots - Each digg will add another moving ball (now repeats every 1000 diggs)

Useless Flash stuff

  • Steal - Watch and interact with computerized teams of triangles as they try to collect all the balls.
  • Rigged - A ball is launched and bounces all over the screen while being affected by gravity and friction. The computer chooses launch conditions such that the ball avoids the blue objects, collects all the green objects, and goes down the hole.
  • Square Pop - When a square pops, a ball flies out, which may pop other squares. Click on a square to begin the chain reaction.

Other stuff

  •  NEW Vote - It's like a dynamic suggestion box with voting. Just click on one of the topics to get started.
  •  Guess Word - Use both your logic and vocabulary skills to figure out what the secret word is.
  • Windows Recycling Bin - I encountered some bizarre behavior while trying to empty my recycling bin, during which Windows revealed its suicidal tendencies. The events were documented with screen shots.