My Hottop KN-8828P Coffee Roaster

I took the plunge & bought a slightly used coffee roaster.


Introducing my Hottop Coffee Roaster KN-8828P


The KN-8828P is a fully programmable roaster which will allow the user to modify the roast program to suit their needs,  personal tastes, or best match their preferred coffee origin and brewing method. 

What I found when I opened up the box from UPS on Friday evening (16 Jan 2009)


I can't believe this is happening.



I take a chance and power it up, and it's still functional... I unplug it, grab a Sam Adams from my shop fridge and call it a night.

Saturday morning, I decide to epoxy the broken plastic jigsaw back together again. If there were going to be any issues, I needed to know now, and see if it will have any issues actually roasting coffee.

This is what it looks like on the inside, I mixed the epoxy resin up in small batches, and used aluminum foil ducting tape to hold all the cracked pieces together.

4 hours later humpty dumpty is back together again! This will have to do, until the replacement panels arrive.

Test roasting the 1st 9 oz batch on Automatic mode

Success! About 20 seconds into rolling 2nd Crack...a little darker than I normally roast, final temp 417F.

More to follow, I roasted 8 batches over the weekend, and I have dialed in 1 of my programs using some Brazilian Formosa to end just barely before 2C begins... Now I'm searching out profiles and gathering information from fellow Hottop owners. FYI, Home Barista has great info, see the link on my home page!