Ice Storm 11 &12 Dec 07

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Welcome to living on the plains of Kansas....



 Yeah, I know the date on the camera was wrong...I reset it later on

Just took a walk...err ...rather a slide down my street...

Did you hear that??? I was worried that it had punctured through the roof and was fairly lucky that it was not the whole damn tree...which I'll definitely be cutting down when the weather gets above freezing temps.

Ever hear a tree limb snap? Sounds exactly like a rifle shot 7.62mm, my whole neighborhood is littered with tree branches. I guess I'll have plenty of fuel for the log stove, next year.

This is how my whole neighbor hood looked Tues evening. Now we have a nice top coat of about 7 to 8 inches of snow covering the mess. I fired up my chainsaw, and got busy moving the fallen limbs before they had a chance to freeze solid to the ground. The ones that were in my driveway had to go 1st. 

No need to panic, I may not have had electric power, but I needed a great cup of coffee, so I dusted off the old manual coffee grinder, boiled some water on my log stove, and used my Chemex to keep us fueled up on hot fresh java. Ever notice that the coffee tastes better when you have to hand grind ?

That's all for now, folks!

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