Grill Drum Start Up

 Here is the start of out fitting a  BBQ grill into a dedicated coffee roaster.

A $5. garage sale special !

Yep, there's a puny rusted out burner. This was how clean I got it, after running it through a high pressure car wash, in the back of my truck. 

Not muchto keep, bad burner, regulator is shot, plastic end tables, and a cover plate.

I'll spare you the details, but I used a wire brush and an electric drill to remove the remaining crud, then rubbed in a coating of Simple Green hand cleaner gel, and rinsed it off with a garden hose. After it was dry, I then repainted the grill body with the high heat flat black finish grill paint. 

Test fitting the new stainless steel H burner $26. @ Wally World.

I'm pretty certain that this burner will be more than adequate for roasting up to 5 #'s of coffee, but I'll be targeting 2 # roasts, until I get the hang of it.

My new starting point. The only thing worth re-using was the electronic ignitor, it suprised me that it was still functioning ;-) Saved $10 on a new one. I was lucky to have a regulatoer that was in great shape, from my old grill.

Next, I'll be fitting in the drum, and the heat diffuser. Then I'll look into different ways to insulate, and even reduce the volume of air under the hood.