Faema  S-87-2

9 Nov 07: Update

 I now have a detailed parts diagram and iit looks like I'm only missing a few important items, mainly a set of group head solenoids. There are a couple of cosmetic items that I will try to obtain as well. Seems that there was a few stones that were right under my feet that I failed to overturn; on Homeroasters.org there is a thread that I'd somehow missed: any FAEMA Users out there?? and I know these guys! So my next move is to order them and get them installed. I plan on buying or building a mobile cart and use a 5 gallon water jug with a flo-jet pump, along with a commercial water softener & filtration system. There are a lot to choose from on eBay, and hopefully I'll get the right one! This is my 1st venture into this type of environment, and I'm thinking more along the lines of a mobile platform or cart that I can use later on in a commercial setting. 

I'd post more, but that pesky work thing sometimes gets in the way ;-)

I cross posted @ CoffeeGeek  Faema S-87 thread looking for some help. I also sought out help from the friendly cheerful folks at the greencoffeebuyingclub and toomuchcoffee forums.

  A big break; it looks like 1 lead came through and I'm ordering the operator and a detailed parts manual on Monday 10/29/07. I'll post links and try to edit this as time permits, I need to keep my day job ;-)

On Sat 10/20/07 I drove 400 miles round trip to pick up a 2 group Faema S87 - 2 that had been taken apart 5 years ago, and left for dead in a storage closet.

It's in fairly decent shape, but a lot of the fittings and connections are loose and some items are missing.

It's a 240 volt 60Hz 3800 watt machine with a working pressure of 27psig according to the data plate.

Faema Special on the front & rear panel of the machine.

I found a certificate in the installation manual that has a date of 22/10/92 and since my Italian is a little rusty, I'm guessing that it is the "passed inspection" sheet.

I am going to do my best to rebuild it on my own, and worse case scenario, I'll take it to a repair shop and fork over a lot of hard earned cash.

Anyone have any parts diagrams, links or a good buddy that can help me figure out this jigsaw puzzle ?

I found a parts list invoice from 2002, mostly new gaskets, o rings, 2 new steam valves and wands, pf gaskets 8.5 & 9 mm, diffuser screens.

The heating element gasket is new, and loose, and the boiler looks very clean inside and outside.

All of the copper tubing is like new, some tight and some are loose. The water softener housing & lines all the way up to the boiler are missing.

The boiler fill sight glass is in a parts box, along with the manual boiler fill lever, and some other odds and ends.

Someone really went through everything and it appears that everything was taken apart & cleaned around 5 years or so ago. It was just never put back together.

I have 1 partial solenoid all in pieces, and the other is MIA.

If I could get a hold of a pdf of a parts guide, I think I can get everything back together, and order the missing pieces.

I started reading cannonfodders faema rebuild as posted on HomeBarista and comparing parts. I admire all the work he put into restoring an abused worn out machine. Fantastic job!


My group heads have the solenoid on the left side, looking strait ahead at the machine. I'm not sure what type they are, yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated; you can contact me through my home webpage, Roasting Coffee @ Home! 

or email me @ garybt3@yahoo.com 

Gary Townsend

I'll post photos and edit them when I get the chance.