Keep your sang-froid!

Your goal is to create a winning rebus.

The winner will have created the most creative, coherent sentence using a rebus. Each sentence must in some way contain the word "Joost" (or its homophone, "Juiced")

  • A rebus is a kind of word puzzle which uses pictures to represent words or parts of words. More on them from Wikipedia.
  • Several characters are available in the Special Character Reference page. Copy and paste any of them into your own text to use them in a rebus. You can also collect some using Google Images. Or if you like, you may draw your own.
  • Submit as many rebus sentences as you'd like, and the best one from your collection will be selected.
  • Your rebuses can be easy and funny, or difficult and puzzling (such as those found on
  • Feel free to use the "Joost" logo as a pictogram in your rebus:

  • Some definitions of Juiced from the Urban Dictionary. Could be useful.




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