Garter Stitch Baby Kimono

by Joji Locatelli



This kimono is for a small newborn baby, but I´m working on bigger sizes.  They should be available once tested.


I decided to write down and publish this pattern since many people had favourited this project in Ravelry… It´s my first time writing down a pattern and my English is a little poor, so bare with me if there are any mistakes…


Finished Measurements:

Chest: 40 cms (16 inches) round

Total Length: 20 cms (8 inches)

Sleeve Length: 12 cms (4 ¾ inches)



This sample was knit with some acrylic yarn (NUBE Dralón) only found in Argentina, but you could use about 100 g of any fingering weight yarn and a pair of US 2½ / 3.0 mm. straight needles.

You´ll need 2 buttons of your choice, about 15 mm wide.



28 stitches to 4 inches in garter stitch.



Back and Fronts:

Both fronts and back are knit together, back and forward, on two needles (or a circular needle if you prefer).

Cast on 162 stitches. Knit 53 stitches (Right front), place marker, k56 (back), pm, k53 (Left front).  Begin knitting in garter stitch.

You´ll need to decide which side you´ll want the buttonholes on, wether it´s a boy or a girl (boys on the right and girls on the left).  Work two buttonholes: one when work measures 5 cms and the other when it measures 7,5 cms.

Continue knitting in this manner until work measures 10 cms from beginning.

Then, begin decreases for neck opening.  You’ll do this by casting off 2 sts at the beginning of every row (you´ll cast off  2 stitches each side every other row).

At the same time, when work measures 11 cms from beginning, cast off 2 sts for the armhole openings (1 stitch each side of markers), leaving 54 sts for the back. Join in new balls and continue working each side separately
Cast off all stitches when work measures 20 cms from beg, and there are 11 sts left for each shoulder.

Pick up approx. 50 sts along the side of the armhole and begin knitting in garter stitch. Knit for about 12 cms. Do 5 decreases each side evenly distributed along sleeve.

Sew sleeves seams and shoulders.
Then pick up aprox. 125 sts for the neckband and knit 6 rows in garter stitch.  Cast off all stitches knitwise.
Knit 2 cords of about 15 cms each and attach them to the inner flap (to tie).

Sew buttons.
Block as desired.


If you have any suggestions or have detected any mistakes, please feel free to email me at