Our Group

Gartcosh History Group was formed in 2009.  Visits to other history groups provided knowledge of procedure and policies prior to our first public meeting, which was attended by thirty people. Feedback indicated a high level of interest in the history of the local area. The founding committee in 2009 was Valerie Ewart  (Chairperson) : Tommy Macaloney  (Vice-Chairperson) : Laura Strachan (Secretary) : Iain Raybould(Treasurer): Bryan Johnston and Senga Macaloney.

The Group's aim is to research and record the history of Gartcosh and the surrounding area. We feel that this is of prime importance as our village continues to grow and develop.

Many people had stories of village life in the past and old pictures were collected. The Group now has a substantial stock which is displayed at meetings.


Many of our meetings have invited guest speakers giving short talks and presentations.  Our meetings are informal with ample time to discuss our research and view our growing collection of photographs and artefacts. New members are most welcome - why not pop into a meeting? Topic details can be found about meetings on our front page and posters are displayed at a variety of points throughout the local area around 7 -10 days prior to meetings. A local hall is hired for our group meetings with refreshments available to add to the informal atmosphere.

 Meetings are held in 

Gartcosh Church Hall
on the first Thursday of each month

 at 7.30 pm.



The Group has participated in numerous events and exhibitions.

On Saturday, 9 October, 2010, Gartcosh Local History Group held its first open exhibition.The event was a great success, visited by friends and neighbours from Gartcosh and the local area, as well as a few out of town visitors from as far afield as Aberdeen!
The former MP, the Rt.Hon.Tom Clarke opened the exhibition with a moving speech about his fondness for Gartcosh and its people, as well as its rich history.

The Group held an exhibition at Summerlee between 3 September 2011 - 6 November 201

The display of photographs and artefacts featured the Old and New Works at Gartcosh and rekindled many

memories from former workers and villagers

The following poem was sent to the  Group following the Summerlee Exhibition  :

Gartcosh Exhibition at Summerlee

A great success I do agree.
Cronies met from days gone by
With a smile on their face
Or a tear in their eye.
Weel kent faces in the photos-
They wonder....
Are they still livin'
Or six feet under?
Whilst they look and reminisce
Or even make a wish
That if spared
They'll come back
Next year
To see if this smashing exhibition's here!


Positive feedback in our VISITORS' BOOK prompted us to set up Works'Reunions Events  in Gartcosh Social Club, followed by another in September 2014.
In  2012, the Group held  a two day Exhibition in Gartcosh Church Hall.


The Group has been involved in  local events such as the Centenary of the village Primary School in 2013 and  representatives enjoyed the P3 Art Exhibition in December 2014.
Visual presentations and displays have featured in the Group's Works Reunion  and social gatherings  throughout 2014.


FOLLOWING OUR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING IN FEBRUARY, 2017 the following committee was elected-

Chairperson                                     Tommy Macaloney.


 Secretary                                          Dorothy Armstrong.


Treasurer/Membership Sec.      Iain Raybould


Website Admin                                Liz Ward.


Catering                                             Senga Macaloney. 

General Admin                               Helen McGlinchey


The  committee meet regularly, usually every 4 weeks, to organise future meetings, discuss incoming emails and review presentations.


In June 2015 the Group were represented at the Chryston and Muirhead Gala Day for the first time.

The rain managed to stay away and our stall had a steady stream of visitors throughout the day.

As well as enjoy our display of photographs and chat about memories, visitors were able to purchase the Group's recent publication. 


In September 2015, an Italian themed celebration took place in Gartcosh Church Hall in honour of the Dinardo family. Over one hundred enjoyed the evening which included a talk/ visual of the family's history, personal memories and a presentation of gifts by Sir Charles Gray, our honorary president, fish suppers from Marino's of Glenboig washed down with ice cream!


Some of the audience at our Dinardo Night.
Can you spot some "weel kent facesI"?

In June 2016 we returned to Muirhead for their Gala Day. The Group is becoming more involved in and receiving an increasing number of invitations to a variety of events around the area.



A wonderful social afternoon was spent with the talented youngsters of Gartcosh Primary School at their Ceilidh.

 ...............the adults showed off their talents too!
Members of the Committee worked with Mr. Stephen O'Neill's class - accompanying them on a local history walk around the village and participating in a short presentation and question/answer session in the school. We were delighted at the enthusiasm of our village youngsters.