Windmills and water power

This area was on the fringes of what was once known as 'Windmill Land.'
There were also many water-powered mills in Garstang and district.
The advent of the modern energy-producing wind turbines, regardless of one's views on 'green energy' has produced historic changes on the landscape, not least at Dewlay, on the A6 at Kirkland, and at Eagland Hill, where work is under way on a 'twin towe' turbine site (the first of the giant turbines at the site already erected).
This page will focus on wind and waterpower in Garstang and the surrounding area, looking at peg mills, water mills, windmills and turbines.
It will also focus on some of the characters involved in 'Windmill Land' - such as windmill builder Ralph Slater, landowner Bold Fleeetwood-Hesketh, Allen Clarke and etc..
Garstang Historical Society has had two talks within the pat 12 months on windmill-related topics, Margaret Croker speaking on peg mills (see illustration of the former Hambleton peg mill) and a talk on the life and times of Allen Clarke, whose rural writings in the late Victorian / early Edwardian period prompted interest in the windmills of the Fylde Coast and countryside. The speaker on Allen Clarke was Clarke's granddaughter Shirley Matthews of Blackpool.
She recently organised a commemoration event to her grandfather's memory at Abingdon Street Library, Blackpool.
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