History in the making ...

History is going on all around us. Familiar buildings are being demolished or altered, social events such as festivals and fetes take place, unusual news events happen. All these may not be earth shattering, but all have an impact on local history, be it the refurbishment of this old building in Garstang - once a Catholic Church, later a meeting place, then a social centre, a cinema, a court and more recently a dental training establishment....now part of the building has been converted into two flats.
On this website we hope to feature some of the changes going on around Garstang and district, to help record how things are changing - for the better or the worse. 
 Among other changes currently (May 2013)  taking place are the revamp of the commercial unit at the back of Singletons, and fronting on to Park Hill Road. It is being converted into a fish and chip shop. We hope to carry a photo of this soon
Also, demolition was completed last month on the delapidated, vandalised, Windsor Road clinic. The site had been bought by a group of people  interested in creating a private dental business there, but that fell through and the site has been bought by a local developer who intends to build six homes on the site. At Bowgreave the old police station was sold a few months ago at auction and will be converted into a private house. Also at Bowgreave work has begun on a new housing development.
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