About Garrett

About Garrett Walters

I come to my path as a psychic kicking and screaming. My degree was in geology and I believed in the world of see, feel, measure and quantify. The last thing I was looking for was the world of metaphysics. I was living in Bellingham, Washington, studying economics and managing a local R&B band in my spare time. One of the singers in the band called me up one night and invited me to join her at a healing clinic given by the Washington Psychic Institute. I couldn't think of a polite way of telling her that I wasn't interested, so I agreed to join her with the idea that I would smile, nod my head and get out as quickly as possible. At the clinic they gave me a healing, which they described as a tune up for my energy system. I was prepared for anything except the experience of feeling energy moving in my legs. Then they offered me a short clairvoyant reading. They didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know, but they did put my recent past into a perspective that made much more sense than I had and I couldn't see how they could have told me what they had unless they really were psychic. I went home confused but very intrigued and I was first in line the next week. The Washington Psychic Institute was founded by two graduates of the Berkeley Psychic Institute. BPI was the creation of a very gifted psychic and spiritual teacher named Lewis Bostwick, who developed the techniques that are the foundation of what I teach today. I ended up training at WPI full time for three years and then I was hired as a clairvoyant and minister in the parent church of the institute. After two years of working in the institute and church, I left to go into private practice in Washington for three years. When my father became ill, I moved back to Chicago and decided to try life as a normal person while spending time with my dad. After six months of working as a computer operator, I was bored to tears so I rented an office and started doing clairvoyant readings again. Shortly after that I was invited to start teaching energy work at a Unity Church in Chicago. With the strong encouragement of my students, I opened the Institute for Spiritual Healing where I offered three consecutive years of training in meditation, healing, clairvoyance and teaching. One day Ken Jones, a tremendous psychic who graduated from the Berkeley Psychic Institute walked in with a big hello. Together we founded the Chicago Psychic Institute and taught hundreds of people how about to enjoy being psychic. The problem with being a healer is that you tend to attract people to you who are in pain. After eight years of teaching and healing others, I needed to take some time to heal myself. I took several jobs as a retail buyer for canoe and kayak stores where I had the chance to play with applying some of the things that I learned as a spiritual teacher to the world of business. It was great fun to work with energy in that kind of environment but it was becoming clear that it was time for me to go back to my real passion as a clairvoyant and spiritual teacher, which is where I find myself today. Quick Info Landline 608-205-0246 Cell 847-477-0444 Email info@garrettwalters.com Address 3448 County Road A, Stoughton, WI 53589