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will be stopping at BATP 2011

Melissa Heeter, International Canine Disc & Agility Trainer

will be showcasing her skills!



Central KY Regional Humane Society is PROUD

to be an Ambassador in

Purina's Pro Plan Rally To Rescue

PetSmart Charities

PetSmart Charities Awards 

Central KY Regional Humane Society

a $2,000 Educational Grant

On Wednesday, February 16, 2011 PetSmart Charities awarded Central KY Regional Humane Society a $2,000 educational grant to be used to pay travel expenses for an educational coalition site visit to the Humane Alliance campus in Asheville, North Carolina. Together with PetSmart Charities & Humane Alliance, Central KY Regional Humane Society will begin the journey to open a high volume, low cost spay/neuter clinic at their "No Kill Mission" facility.

In the spring, a six member coalition from Central KY Regional Humane Society will travel to the Humane Alliance campus in Asheville, North Carolina to tour the facility and to learn how to operate a high volume, low cost spay/neuter clinic. Dana Carrier who serves as the shelter manager for Central KY Regional Humane Society said, "I am excited to know that Lancaster will be able to offer low cost spay and neuter options to a region that desperately needs these services."  
Central KY Regional Humane Society is working to make ADOPTION the OPTION through controlling the number of unwanted animals in our public animal control shelters,humane societies, rescue organizations, & other humane animal welfare groups. The end goal will be to offer a regional coalition the opportunity and access to "high quality", safe low cost spay/neuter services in the central KY.

Executive Director, Mark D. Hurte will charge the six member coalition to host a community wide stakeholders meeting on March 7, 2011 from 6:00pm until 8:00 pm at the First Southern's National Bank Community Room. At this meeting regional stakeholders are invited to take part in an informational meeting to learn about the direct needs of their area and the community's vital role in their high volume, low cost spay/neuter clinic.  

Thanks PetSmart Charities & Humane Alliance for helping to make ADOPTION the OPTION in Central KY!

Central KY Regional Humane Society looks forward to being part of the PetSmart & Humane Alliance 

partnership to reduce pet overpopulation & senseless euthanasia of animals when viable alternatives exist.

Become a Charter Forever Friend

Make a 100% tax deductible donation

Central KY Regional Humane Society

PO Box 875

Lancaster, KY 40444

Humane Alliance

Who is Humane Alliance? 

The primary goal of Humane Alliance is to provide a non-lethal solution to companion animal over-population. Humane Alliance Spay/Neuter Clinic began as a small clinic in Asheville, North Carolina in 1994. Today, we help control the animal population by providing high-volume, high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter procedures for the entire Western North Carolina region. We’re also the home of the National Spay/Neuter Response Team (NSNRT). The NSNRT offers comprehensive spay/neuter clinical training programs for groups interested in opening high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter clinics. We also provide training in high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter surgical technique for private vets and vet externs. 

Two dogs

PetFinders & Intervet Schering-Plough Awards 

Central KY Regional Humane Society

A "Building Immunity in the Community" Grant

of Nobivac Canine Flu H3N8 Vaccinations

Petfinder Foundation   

"This grant is provided to Central KY Regional Humane Society from the Petfinder.com Foundation, a 501c3 organization dedicated to ending euthanasia of adoptable pets.  Our primary focus is to further assist the Petfinder.com adoption partners through program solving, fundraising, and providing relief in times of stress and disaster.  As well as, our friends at Intervet/Schring-Plough Animal Health, the makers of Nobivac Canine Flu H3N8 vaccine.  Together we believe that by providing you this vaccination grant we will be decreasing illness in shelters we will help to save lives.  Through this grant we are combining efforts to protect shelter dogs against canine influenza, a highly contagious and sometimes fatal disease ensuring we keep dogs healthy and adoptable."

For additional information on canine influenza and Nobivac Canine Flu H3N8, visit

For Immediate Release:

Central KY Regional Humane Society Gets Grant to Vaccinate Dogs for Influenza
Petfinder.com Foundation furnishes funds to protect shelter dogs from canine flu.

TUSCON, February 23, 2011 - Central KY Regional Humane Society, Lancaster, now has help in protecting dogs against canine influenza virus (CIV), a highly contagious disease that spreads easily from dog to dog, especially those in close proximity. The shelter received a grant for the vaccines as part of a Petfinder.com Foundation program to build community immunity against this respiratory infection. The foundation partnered with Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, a global animal health company and makers of the NOBIVAC(r) Canine Flu H3N8 vaccine, to fund the grant. 

Because CIV is relatively new, most dogs have not built up immunity to the disease. Dogs can get the disease by being exposed to those that have it, as well as playing with toys or drinking from bowls used by other dogs. People can also unwittingly spread the germ if they come in contact with infected dogs.

"Shelters and rescue organizations are often the first places that new diseases already in the community become evident. Dogs come in from the community and are released back into it, and often move to and from states with confirmed cases," said Liz Neuschatz, director of thePetfinder.com Foundation. "Canine flu can be a real problem for shelters, where one sick dog can cause an outbreak through an entire facility. We are pleased to be part of this effort to help protect the community by providing canine flu vaccine to Central KY Regional Humane Society." 

Dog flu is a growing problem throughout the U.S. It has been confirmed in 34 states so far, but tracking the disease is hard because it is so difficult to diagnose. Dogs are contagious before they show any symptoms. By the time the dog starts coughing, it's too late. Virtually all dogs exposed to the virus will become infected, and some will get more serious infections, such as pneumonia, which can be fatal.  Dogs that go to doggie daycare, boarding facilities, groomers and shows and are vaccinated for canine cough (Bordetella) are also at risk for canine flu.  Information about canine flu is available at www.doginfluenza.com.

The grant for Building Community Immunity seeks to protect all at-risk dogs in the community, including those in close proximity with other dogs, as is the case with shelters and rescue facilities. It also provides greater assurance to adopting families that their new pets will be healthier and much less likely to be sick or get more serious, and sometimes fatal, infections. The grant further links PetFinder.com member shelter and rescue grant recipients with local veterinarians to protect all adoptable dogs in their care. The program promotes veterinary visits for wellness exams and, when appropriate, the second dose administration of Nobivac Canine Flu vaccine. 

About Petfinder.com Foundation
The Petfinder.com Foundation was created in 2003 to respond to needs of its Petfinder member shelters and rescue groups and to assist them in ensuring that no pet is euthanized for lack of a home. The vaccine grant will help keep dogs healthy and adoptable.  

About Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, based in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, is focused on the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of animal health products. The company offers customers one of the broadest, most innovative animal health portfolios, spanning products to support performance and to prevent, treat and control disease in all major farm and companion animal species. Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health; subsidiaries of Merck & Co. Inc., Whitehouse Station NJ, USA. For more information, visit www.intervet.com.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to 

Animals Awards a $2,000 grant to CKYRHS to use to

" Maintain a Safe & Healthy Shelter Environment"

Thanks ASPCA from all the Forever Friends at

Central KY Regional Humane Society


"From the Eyes of the Beholden"

Central KY Regional Humane Society


United Rescue of Kentucky

August 7, 2010

Casey County Animal Abuse & Neglect 

August 8, 2010 ~ URKY was contacted and asked to save 110 dogs plus other domestic animals at a breeder's property in Casey County KY. An emergency triage unit was set up as dogs were confiscated from deplorable conditions and brought in for evaluation and care. Dead dogs were found in a fre...

On Sunday August 7. Central KY Regional Humane Society opened

 their facility to United Rescues of Kentucky allowing them to

triage the animals that were surrendered by Cheryl Turner who

neglected over 111 animals from proper veterinarian care,

appropriate shelter, & neglected to properly dispose of animals

that were deceased.

With an emergency response team of volunteers, veterinarians,

and concerned citizens the animals spent the next 24 hours

receiving the long overdue care that they so greatly deserved.

As Executive Director and pet owner, I was sickened and saddened 

by what I saw, but knew I had to act compassionately to ensure

that the voices of the "voiceless" would be heard from my caring.

I will be there for the animals, 

Mark D. Hurte

June 27 2010

Logan Hubble Park

US Hwy 27 South

Lancaster KY



Here are just a few snapshots of Bark at the Park...the heat was hot, the music was fabulous, and the fun was had by everyone who was BARKING at the PARK.

Chuck & Rita Weirich 
Lancaster Veterinarian Center Dr. Taul & Staff
Woodstock Animal Foundation of Lexington, KY
First Southern National Bank
KY Petz Magazine
Burkman Feeds of Kentucky
Lancaster Primary Care, Fort Logan Hospital, & Ephriam McDowell Regional Health
McDonalds of Lancaster
Farmers National Bank Danville Kentucky
United Way
The Central Record of Garrard County

A special thank you to the PETS who brought their owners out on such a hot JUNE day!

"ANIMAL HOUSE" at Garrard's Humane Society Off To A Good Start! 
by: Ben Kepplinger

LANCASTER — At a horse stable in the rolling hills of northern Garrard County, there are four puppies looking for a permanent home. The puppies are just six months old, but the organization trying to place them with loving families is even younger.

The Garrard County Humane Society has been on a surprisingly swift rise since its first organizational meeting in mid-November.

A little more than four months ago, the humane society was just a rough framework of ideas getting tossed around in the First Southern Community Room on the Public Square. Today, it is a county-wide animal welfare organization helping to care for unwanted animals, assisting the local county shelter and needy families with free pet food, and adopting pets out to places as far away as Indiana.

“I’m overwhelmed — surprised and overwhelmed at the responses,” Garrard County Humane Society founder Mark Hurte said.

The puppies, who currently live at TLC Stables near the Garrard County Fairgrounds, are the four left from a litter of seven who were the first animals taken in by the humane society.

Hurte said a Garrard County family had a mother dog who kept escaping and then having puppies. After helping the family with some dog food once, the humane society suggested it could take in the mother’s litter and adopt them out. The family agreed.

“We got up to the top of a twisty, knobby hill in the area of Paint Lick and helped rescue the seven puppies,” Hurte said. “From there, they came to my backyard.”

The humane society has a building now — the old Jackalope Printing building on Richmond Street in Lancaster — but at the time it was still looking for a physical location. The puppies were taken to Hurte’s home and cleaned up. After that, Trina McGuire from TLC Stables stepped in, offering to foster and socialize the puppies at her stables.

“They were a handful at first,” McGuire said. “They all got real good dispositions with the kids and they seem to be socializing really good.”

McGuire heads up the Garrard County 4-H Horse Club, also known as the “Born Riders,” and its 23 members come out to the stables and walk the dogs regularly.

“We get them out and we pet them, rub them, let them know that all people are good,” she said.

Since first taking the dogs in at the stables, three of them have been adopted out — one to a family in Garrard County, one to a family in Somerset and one to a family in Indiana.

“(The stables are) a good place because people come by and there’s always people in for riding lessons and things, so I can find them homes pretty quick,” McGuire said. “Now that it’s warm it may be even better.”

Besides the seven puppies from Paint Lick, the humane society has also taken in five more animals to date — two more dogs and three cats. One of the additional dogs — named Miss Roxie — was adopted earlier this month at a special adoption event at PetSmart, and one of the cats has been adopted as well.

The humane society can’t keep animals at its new building full-time yet. Animals stay no longer than 48 hours at the office, so they’re cycled through foster homes in the meantime, Hurte said.

While the humane society’s building is, for the most part, still empty, there are many plans in the works for it.

When the renovations are complete, Hurte hopes to have features like a surgery space for a veterinarian, isolation areas for sick animals, consultation rooms for families to meet with potential adoptive pets in private, a shower facility for cleaning animals and 12 dog runs, which will be built into the large garage in the back of the building.

The front parking lot will also feature a butterfly garden that will double as a memorial garden for dead pets, and Hurte hopes to offer off-site cremation and pet celebration of life services.

Of course, all of that will take funding, which Hurte hopes to receive through local fundraising efforts and private and public grant money.

Hurte said he is planning on grant-writing being a major part of his contributions to the humane society’s work. Hurte’s goal is for the humane society to run in large part off the hearts and spirits of its volunteers.

“I kind of spearheaded it and now I’m grooming it so it will be a group effort that kind of runs itself,” he said.

Before there was a Garrard County Humane Society, there was an informal, grassroots organization known as “Paws for Cause,” also led by Hurte, which was essentially a pet food drive. Hurte ran Paws for Cause out of his house for four years, beginning in 2006.

People with donations of pet food could drive up to his house, honk their horns, and someone would come out and collect their pet food.

That food would then be distributed to pet owners who were having to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their pets, Hurte said.

“Our philosophy is it’s better to keep a pet with a family than it is to surrender it up to a humane society or an animal control shelter. It’s real traumatic when people have to come in and surrender an animal,” he said. “Out of that, like-minded individuals just sort of gathered and we saw the need for a humane society.”

That like-mindedness had a few obstacles to overcome before a humane society would be fully realized.

During the first few organizational meetings, a rift appeared to be forming between the humane society supporters and members of the local Farm Bureau. The initial plan was to set the humane society up as a chapter of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in order to benefit from the extra potential resources.

Local Farm Bureau members were quick to voice concerns the HSUS can be unfriendly to farmers with livestock, citing evidence they said showed the HSUS was in favor of ending all domestication of animals.

“We have a real concern with what the HSUS represents,” Farm Bureau member Kevin Jeffries said at the humane society’s second meeting. “We definitely applaud your all’s efforts to take care of your pet animals.”

Hurte assured Farm Bureau members the local humane society would be focused on companion animals, not livestock, and wouldn’t go anywhere near the “right-wing” tactics of some animal rights groups. The humane society’s board eventually decided to avoid aligning itself with HSUS because of its polarizing effect, opting instead to work toward local alliances with groups like the Farm Bureau instead.

“We’re 110 percent in support of our Garrard County farmers,” Hurte said.

Hurte acknowledged there’s also been some tension between the humane society and the Garrard County Animal Shelter. The humane society has a no-kill policy when it comes to animals, while the county shelter does not.

Hurte said the humane society realizes that the animal shelter has “have-to” requirements that do not make things easy. Shelter employees like Sharon Graham deserve to be commended for their hard and sometimes thankless jobs, he said.

“It’s been a little rough or rocky,” he said, “but we’re working through that tension.”

Looking forward

to more growth

The Garrard County Humane Society has more than 30 regular volunteers helping to care for animals and run the organization, and more than 75 people signed up as members, Hurte said.

One of those members, Nikki Langford, said she had been wanting to do something for local animals, especially if it could be with a no-kill organization. She currently volunteers about 20 hours a week, taking care of animals, cleaning up at the office, helping with pet adoptions and more.

“I love it,” she said. “It’s exactly what I want to be doing.”

Despite its rapid initial growth, the humane society has a long way to go before it gets to where it wants to be. Toward that end, there are already fundraising efforts under way and other programs planned, including the humane society’s flagship event, “Bark at the Park,” scheduled for June 27 at Logan-Hubble Memorial Park on the Garrard-Lincoln border.

From 1-6 p.m. that day, people can bring their leashed pets to the park for a picnic.

Pepsi is sponsoring the event, which will feature an animal expo where animal rescue and adoption groups can show off the animals they have for adoption, a performance from a jazz trumpeter, a silent auction and time with the author Latifa, who wrote the book “Animals Can Talk.”

The humane society will unveil its “Dog Days of Summer” calendar at the event as well. It is currently working with the Garrard Central Record on a photo contest to determine which photos are featured in the calendar.

While the Bark at the Park is what Hurte says will kick off the humane society’s major fundraising efforts, it’s already receiving some funding from things like handmade miniature doghouse piggy banks that are set up at local businesses for customers to drop change in.

The mini dog houses were hand-crafted by humane society volunteer Carol Plummer and her family, and have been placed at several places around Lancaster, including the Country Diner, which Hurte says is currently the most profitable location.

“When people pay the bill, usually what change they have leftover goes right in the doghouse,” he said



On Saturday night March 6th, 2010, Nathan J. Winograd spoke on the NO KILL MISSION to create an awareness that will take animal control services to the new level of humane treatment of animals under animal control services. In a crowded church auditorium in rural Shelbyville, KY, Nathan explained the paradigm shift necessary to change the way services are delivered by "stripping away the excuses" of government officials who have put animal control at the bottom of the budget & the back of the counties.

The number one determining factor for a failing animal control shelter is ACCOUNTABILITY, staff are not held ACCOUNTABLE by their governing body.
It is time to take back our shelters, they are your shelters Kentucky. 

Reclaim your animal control shelters with education, communication, & persistence. In the immortal words of Tom Petty, "I won't back down"...help make a NO KILL MISSION a reality in Kentucky. 

Learn more about the No Kill Mission by calling or emailing Central KY Regional Humane Society, Inc to find out how at 859-792-4581 & centralkyregionalhumanesociety@gmail.com

Better yet, come make Central KY Regional Humane Society, Inc. YOUR SHELTER KY! 

Central KY Regional Humane Society, Inc. 

Central KY Regional Humane Society, Inc. is looking to promote animal welfare across central Kentucky and beyond. Interested in joining as a member or as professional organization or rescue/adoption group.

Please email: centralkyregionalhumanesociety@gmail.com 

or mail inquiries to:


PO Box 875 Lancaster, KY 40444

will be moving into their new location at
214 Richmond Street
Lancaster, KY 40444

Looking forward to serving Garrard County and Central KY with Forever Friends Pet Adoptions & Foster Care, Dog Grooming, Forever Friends Pet Celebrations of Life & Memorials, "Barkday Pawties" & Recreational Activities, Obedience Training, Doggy Day Care, Pet Responsibility Education, and much, much more! 

CKYRHS can use any donations of kennel crates ALL sizes, carrier crates ALL sizes, shelves, feline crates & play crates, doggy beds, cat beds, ANYTHING that you think a start up NO KILL SHELTER would need.
Call 859-792-4581 a CKYRHS volunteer will schedule a pick up or just drop it off so you can visit the new space.

Easy to find, Easy Access, and most of All FRIENDLY VOLUNTEERS ready to help make ADOPTION the OPTION! 

Check out this video link

Mark D Hurte: Check this out...the mission of a no-kill shelter is within our reach...Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S. & Central KY Regional Humane Society will take the challenge to be a NO KILL SHELTER!



Two wonderfully sweet young ladies stopped by the other night to deliver their contributions to Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S.

THANKS ladies!
GHSCARES can't express enough thanks to your intuition and handiworks that created a meaningful gift to our organization. 
We already know that you are our "tomorrow's leaders" today, your classmates should follow suit more often with community projects like the ones you all created.
The pot holders and the key fobs are PURRRRRRRFECT!
I personally bought one of each, well two of the pot holders.
Remember you can celebrate any birthdays or life events with Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S.
We would even love to have you TEACH a craft lesson when we get into our building.

Can't wait to see more wonderful things from the two of you, your family is BLESSED to have you among them.


Thanks again on behalf of the Critters of Garrard County!


GHS C.A.R.E.S. Birthday Pawties

What’s a better way to celebrate your birthday? Celebrating your birthday with the Forever Friends of GHS C.A.R.E.S!

Let GHS C.A.R.E.S. make your next Birthday Pawty a four-legged Forever Friends extravaganza to remember! Birthday Pawties are special birthday celebrations designed to give back to the animals of Garrard County that need your help the most.  Events can be hosted in home or in the location of your choice.

Let GHS C.A.R.E.S. make your next Birthday Pawty  a four-legged Forever Friends event to remember! Birthday Pawties are special birthday celebrations that give back to the animals of Garrard County that need your help the most.  Events can be hosted in your home or in the location of your choice.

GHS C.A.R.E.S. will supply all candles, decorations, tableware, goodie bags and crafts; parents just need to supply the place, food, & beverages. Proceeds will go to benefit GHS C.A.R.E.S. & the animals they take care of!  Want to help GHS C.A.R.E.S. even more? Suggest to your Birthday Pawty goers in lieu of presents, that your pawty guests bring a monetary donation, pet food, or pet supply for the GHS C.A.R.E.S. Forever Friends Pet Pantry.

Select dates and times are available.  For more information, please contact Mark Hurte or Carol Plummer at (859) 979-2460 or garrardhumanesociety@gmail.com

HUGs, TUGs, WAGs-n-WIGGLES from the Critters & GHSCARES Volunteer Staff


"Forever Friends" Mark Your Calenders
JUNE 27 at the Logan Hubble Park
1:00pm until 6:00 pm
as the
Central KY Regional Humane Society, Inc
Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S.
Kicks Off Their Animal Expo 

Watch For More De-Tails Soon
POSTPONED Due to Inclement Weather
Will Be Rescheduled ASAP
Teach, Care, & Learn Stables on Hwy 27 North
Just Past the Camp Dick Robinson School 

"HOOVES-n-HEARTS" Open Stable 
Forever Friends Pet Adoption Day

Hooves-n-Hearts is a open stable day to promote community awareness with support for the equine and animal adoption needs within Garrard Co & beyond.
Spend a wonderful fun filled family oriented day petting livestock, feeding horses, riding horses, looking a rescue dogs needing a Forever Home, and much much more.
TLC Stables along with the Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S. is co-sponsoring this event.
Mark and Trina from GHSCARES & TLC Stables


Stop Needless Euthanization of Animals at Garrard Co Animal Shelter 

SUPPORT Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S.

Garrard Humane Society seeks to help provide an alternative to euthanization for the animals on Death Row at the Garrard Animal Shelter, put an end to the sensless killing! Learn More

A Letter from Charley Brown:

Dear Humans, 

    My name is Charley Brown. I am about 4 months old but I feel like I am twelve at times. The cold has taken its' toll on me and my brothers and sisters. 
I am warm now but I don't know for how long though, so I am looking for my "Forever Friend" to give me a forever home. Cha Cha the pot belly pig has told me bedtimes stories about places like that. She lives here at the stables where I am staying. She is like a mother to me. I need someone to take care of me!

    I don't know what a home is. The humans that have been taking care of me are trying very hard to show me but I still don't understand. I need a "Forever Friend", please be mine.

    Tell the humans at the Garrard Humane Society CARES that you would like to take me on a new adventure. Tell them that you have found your "Forever Friend" to take to your "Forever Home"

                                                                    Love ME, 
                                                                    CHARLEY the puppy dog BROWN! 


Please Pray for the People & Animals of Haiti During This Time of Need

Humanitarian aid has barely begun, so aid for animals will not begin until the human aspect has been covered.  There are search and rescue and search and recovery dogs on their way to Haiti for the human rescue.  Sadly, it will not be good as the animals of Haiti were not in good shape before this disaster. 

During this time of crisis take time to PREPARE for yourself. Have an emergency preparedness plan in place for your families and for your pets. As part of our educational community service, Garrard Humane Society CARES will work with you & your loved ones to develop a disaster emergency preparedness plan. PLAN SMART, STAY SAFE, your animals need you more in a time of crisis.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti, their animals, and those rescue workers who have journeyed to lend their hand to those in need.

Mark D. Hurte, Executive Director Garrard Humane Society CARES

David Meltzer, American Red Cross

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Dear Supporter -

I’ve got a brief update for you on Haiti.

The situation is dire. Hundreds of thousands of people are feared dead. Government offices, including the Presidential Palace, have collapsed. Hospitals and the local Red Cross office have

sustained major damage. Children, families and communities are still suffering aftershocks following yesterday’s devastating earthquake.

We’re sending a team of trained Red Cross responders to support our local staff and the Haitian Red Cross volunteers already providing food, water, and medical treatment to survivors. We pledged $200,000 from our International Response Fund in relief services yesterday, and increased our commitment this morning to $1 million thanks to your advance generosity.

Additional help will be needed. To support our International Response Fund and help victims of disasters like the earthquake in Haiti, please click here:


Matthew Marek, who runs our office in Haiti, managed to relay the following details to us last night using Skype, an online messaging service:

some neighborhoods are completely flat. major individual home damage. no telephone

i’ve seen untreatable issues. bones broken and exposed. lacerations of all kinds

medical attention is needed all throughout the capital. people are scared and gathered in the streets

there is really no place to go in many of these neighborhoods

the dust from the collapse is still lingering in the air.

If you can, please contribute to our International Response Fund today. If you already donated, please share this email with a friend. Your donation will help provide immediate relief and long-term support to victims of disasters like the earthquake in Haiti:


The next 48 hours are critical for life-saving operations such as search and rescue and first aid.

Thank you,

David Meltzer
David Meltzer
Senior Vice President
International Services
American Red Cross

P.S. To get the latest updates on the situation in Haiti and view photos and video, visit out our online disaster newsroom or follow us on Twitter: @RedCross.

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Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S.
 First Forever Home Animal Rescue 01.12.2010

The feeling of exhilaration and excitement is bittersweet when rescuing an animal in any situation. Today the Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S. rescued their first set of seven(7) puppies that were outside in the bitter freezing temperatures with practically no shelter at all. I felt for the family that was responsible enough to understand that the best place for their puppies was to let allow our members rescue them to a foster care family. The end goal is to get them ALL adopted to a Forever Home family. As I drove down the lane from the home, I looked in the back seat of my car to see if the puppies were nervous or upset. I was overwhelmed with joy and relief when I saw all the little heads poking up just enough to see the "new world" as they were seeing it for the first time.

The family contacted our organization before Christmas asking for food assistance for the pups. Food was delivered and a week later another plea of help came in. After counseling with the family, they decided it was time to look to an alternative. That alternative was foster care placement with the goal of the pups being adopted to a Forever Home with a loving and caring family.

Our Forever Friends Pet Pantry is a service that our organization provides to pet owners across Garrard County with no questions asked. The pantry is always looking for pet foods, cat litter, puppy pads, kennel crates, cat and dog flea
medications, and the list goes on. We are always accepting donations for our YEAR ROUND service. If you would like to make a donation, we will gladly make arrangements to accept it from you the easiest and most efficient way.

We are looking to build a new animal shelter here in Garrard County. We can ONLY do that with the support of our community. If you would like to make a tax deducible monetary donation, you can mail that donation to: Garrard Humane Society CARES, PO Box 875 Lancaster, KY 40444. We are collaborating fully with the Garrard Co. Animal Control Shelter to improve and enhance services already provided by the Garrard Co. Fiscal Court and animal control officer. This endeavor is a WIN WIN for all!

A quick trip to the vet and the first round of wellness shots were given to the set of pups. The vet said they are in good health and appear to be of Shepherd mix. There are five(5) females and two(2) males. A brother and sister who are all black with just a touch of white under their chins. The other brothers and sisters are pecan with touches of black, white, and brown on their coats. Vaccinations were given by the Lancaster Veterinarian Center. THANKS Dr. Taul and staff for helping to provide a healthy new start for these pups.

Thanks to Trina McGuire of The Teach and Learn Stables, located on Hwy 27 North just past the Camp Dick Robinson School, for being our first Forever Friends Foster Care provider. ALL these pups are in their new foster care home, snuggled safely in their stall as one big safe and secure family. My bittersweet feelings turned quickly in to HOPE as I was driving away from the stables. This time I knew we had done a "good thing"!

Please show your support for the Garrard Humane Society CARES because we are working hard to make sure that ALL animals are being cared for across the county.

Mark and the Seven Pups

These pups deserve and need a Forever Home. If you are interested in adopting one of these pups, 
please contact us at: 



call 859-979-2460, ask for Mark

All of these wonderful pups have had their first round of wellness vaccinations on 01.12.2010 at the Lancaster Veterinary Center with Dr. Darren Taul, DVM. They have a healthy head start on life!

Female Mix #1        Male Mix #2                         Female Mix #3            Female Mix #4

Male Mix #5                   Female Mix #6            Female Mix #7
He has found
his "Forever Home"

Please Pass the Word so that someone will 
to help get these deserving pups into a 


House Bill 225 Introduced January 8, 2010


HB 225 (BR 1084) - R. Crimm

AN ACT relating to animals. 

     Amend KRS 525.125, 525.130, and 525.135 to forfeit ownership of animals involved in cruelty and torture cases and prohibit ownership or possession of animals of the same species for two years.

Call or use our link to notify your local Representative to support House Bill 225. Lets' make Kentucky the "worst" place to be an animal abuser. 

!!!BARK the VOTE 2010!!!


KY Dept of Agriculture Announces Statewide Grant Monies for 2010

$3 million in grants available to animal shelters
By Mary Meehan - mmeehan1@herald-leader.com Roughly $3 million in state grants is available to animal shelters to help handle the 285,000 animals who become homeless in Kentucky each year, 85 percent of which probably are euthanized.

"We do everything that we can, and it always comes down to a funding issue," said Dr. Linda Grimes, chairwoman of the Animal Control Advisory Board, which announced the grants Wednesday. "It's not at all that they want to put those animals down."

She said some shelters in urban areas do a good job of getting pets adopted, but rural areas often struggle. Some rural shelters have to put down all the animals they receive. 

Pets available at the Lexington Humane Society 
Area animal shelters squeezed by the economy 
She said the Kentucky euthanasia rate mirrors the national average.

County-run shelters or shelters that contract with counties are eligible for the grants, she said. State law requires each county to have a shelter or contract with someone to provide animal shelter.

It's the first time in at least five years that the grant money, which comes from bond sales authorized by the General Assembly, has been available, said Bill Clary, a spokesman for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Animal-control issues are handled by that department. Clay said records on such programs are maintained for only three years at the department, so he wasn't immediately sure of the amount of past grants. 

Foster Care Families Needed

Foster care families are needed in Garrard County for animals awaiting adoption from the Garrard Co animal shelter. Interested individuals or families can contact Sharon Graham, Garrard Co Animal Control Officer at 859-339- 9117 or by contacting the Garrard Co Judge Executive's office at 859-792-3531

All individuals and families must complete a foster care family application and be approved by the animal control shelter. Applications may be obtained from the animal shelter or from obtaining an application at the County Judge Executive's office located on the first floor of the Garrard County Courthouse on the Public Square in Lancaster, KY.

The Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S. will assist & support any individual or family considering the foster animal care process as a part of responsible pet ownership and humane animal care. Questions or concerns, please feel free to email our organization at:


Capitol Rotunda - Frankfort
Thursday, February 18th, 2010 

Rally and Press Conference
1pm in Capitol Rotunda
10:00 a.m. - Noon Meet with your legislator
Noon - 12:45 p.m. Break for Lunch
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Rally and press conference
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Follow-up

Legislative Priorities 2010

Progress in improving the state animal protection laws has been slow and Kentucky lags far behind its neighboring states such as West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee in progressive animal protection legislation. In fact, a recent study of all state statutes pertaining to animal cruelty has revealed that Kentucky ranks LAST in the nation because of inadequate or non-existent animal protection laws. Reasons for this low ranking include:

  • Inadequate range of prohibitions and definitions/standards of basic care 
  • Principal protections apply only to select types of animals 
  • Felony provision available only for offenses involving only select animals 
  • No mental health evaluations or counseling following a conviction 
  • No cost mitigation provisions for impounded animals (e.g. cost-of-care bonds, other reimbursement of costs, restitution provisions) 
  • No forfeiture of abused animals 
  • No restrictions on future ownership or possession of animals following a conviction 
  • No separate crime for the sexual assault of an animal
  • Inadequate animal fighting penalties. Dogfighting spectators are only charged with misdemeanor offense; cockfighting is a misdemeanor; possession of cockfighting birds, cockfighting implements and being a spectator at a cockfight are all legal.

Additional legislation needed:

Forfeiture and Bonding - requires defendant to post bond for reasonable costs of care, animal forfeited if bond not posted. Guilty finding, acknowledgment of guilt or Alford plea requires forfeiture of animal. Need to prohibit future ownership also (2 years).

Horse soring - current statutes on horse soring minimal and ineffective (current fine $10 and only at horse show).

Animal fighting - felony penalty for cockfighting. Neighboring states have increased penalties, causing cockfighters to relocate to Kentucky. Cockfighting is closely connected to other crimes such as drug dealing, illegal firearms sale, gambling and even homicide.

Shelter for a dog - current cruelty statutes do not require shelter - just food, water, space, health care. Need to add shelter to the statutes, at least for dogs.

Mandatory spay/neuter from shelters - shelters are adding to influx by releasing unaltered animals for adoption

Antifreeze - bittering agent needed. Many children and animals are poisoned - accidentally or intentionally - with antifreeze due its sweet taste. A bittering agent (cost 1 cent/gallon) would prevent this.

Review of animal care and control laws - modernize and codify (this would be a resolution)

Sexual abuse of animal - add penalties for sexual assault of an animal

Commercial animal breeding operations - require registration and inspection of dog/cat/bird breeders engaged in commercial operations. These operations are often in violation of cruelty statutes, pollute local water supplies, and avoid federal, state, and local tax

Shelter standards - add penalties for non-compliance with KRS 258.119. Currently no enforcement provision. Many shelters still not complying. 

SUPPORT KY Spay/Neuter Fund

Currently we are trying to get the word out about the Spay/Neuter License Plate. The cost is $25.00 (with $10.00 going to the spay/neuter fund out of that $25.00). 

Click here for information on the state spay/neuter fund

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