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10-Aug-2010: The PocketGPSWorld Garmin Safety Cameras support website has moved to here!

01-Sep-2009: Many of the cameras in the database now include directional information. For example, NE-GATSO:1912@30 denotes a 30mph Gatso camera on the north-east side of the road.

03-Oct-2008: The PocketGPSWorld database now extends right across the globe, and all of this information is available in the Garmin Safety Camera Map format. To avoid having to load the entire database into your GPS, users of the Safety Camera Map can choose any combination of: UK, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, USA, Canada, Africa and Asia.

27-Jul-2007: From today's release (5.075) the map contains all the provisional Mobile cameras (the pMobile cameras) from the worldwide PocketGPSWorld database. These are in a separate map family within Mapsource, therefore you can choose whether or not to install them onto your GPS.

11-Jul-2007: From today's download onwards (5.073) the overlay map covers all the areas of the world for which data is available from the PocketGPSWorld database. This release contains camera data for Australia / New Zealand, Africa and the United States of America, as well as the usual UK and Europe data.

Furthermore, the European and International camera POIs are now colour-coded by type in the same way that UK cameras always have been.

4-Jan-2007: The downloaded .msi file has been improved so that it will now display the version number of the database if you hover the mouse pointer over the file once it has been extracted from the .zip file. Alternatively, right-click the .msi file and check the 'Properties' tab.

6-May-2006: The map has now become one of the available formats to download from thePocketGPSWorld website