Map Types

The map comes in two flavours: Standard or iQue. The only difference is that the fixed cameras (Gatso, Truvelo etc.) are shown as RED in the Standard map, and ORANGE in the iQue map. This has been done in response to some issues of readability with the red POIs on iQue systems.

Note that you can only have one of the map types installed at a time. If you want to try the alternate map you will need to uninstall the current map, then reinstall by running the .msi file again (as per the installation instructions).

Key to maps:

  • Gatso / Truvelo / Redspeed / Monitron - Red 
    (or Orange depending on choice at time of installation)
  • Temporary Cameras - White
  • SPECS - Blue
  • Mobile Cameras - Green
  • Traffic Light Cameras - Multi-coloured

Note the above key applies to all maps regardless of country.

Different GPSRs will display POIs in a different way. Some are clearer than others. To view some samples of how this map may look on your unit, check out the screenshots page.