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Garlind Ridge Family

We are so proud of our children and grandchildren 

Human family
The is it, the people behind Garlind Ridge
We have 4 children
Phil, Travis, Mandi and Tiffany whom are all married

We have 11 grandchildren also

Here we are with our 4 grown children
They are:
L to R
Phil (oldest), Mandi (3rd), Tiffany (youngest) and Travis (2nd)

Here we are when Hannah was born, January 2015

Phil, Lori, Morgan, Hailey, and Coleden

Travis, Missy, Mason, and Breckyn

Left to right standing are Brianna, Mandi, and Jordan
kneeling is Lexi and to the right is Aly 
(Mandi is also a part of Garlind Ridge as she has females Dixie Losabella May, Cortana Kelly and Cortana's daughter, Winn Dixie. Her collies are from us. 

Tiffany, Randy, Connor, and Hannah