Welcome to Garlind Ridge Collies ~ Offering collie puppies from health tested parents~

State inspected and licensed. License number 468131-DS 
Garlind Ridge is a mother/daughter team working to produce healthy & gorgeous collie puppies 
Member of the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T program 

Welcome to Garlind Ridge

Linda and Mandi (daughter)

Member of:
Collie Club of America 
Collie Health Foundation 
Member of the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T program
Our puppies are registered with the AKC 

We do not allow visitors when unvaccinated puppies are on the premises. We must keep them safe. 
Garlind Ridge Collies can be found in most states in the US along with Canada, Germany, and the UK 

Our collies live in our home with us, not in an out building. We have a large room specifically for the collies that is 18 x 26 feet with tile floor, air conditioning, heat, and beds for our collies. 
This room joins our fenced in collie yard (an acre in size) 
where our collies can go play, exercise, and have fun. They love chasing each other and carrying around balls and ropes. 
The Garlind Ridge collies are fed original and grain free American Natural Premium dog food along with NuVet vitamins. 
Our puppies are born and kept in our home, not in an out building. They get lots of love and attention from birth. Our collies and puppies love our 11 grandchildren. 

Where puppies are born from health tested parents and imprinted and loved from birth

You may click here to watch puppy imprinting   Puppy imprinting

Dogs are not our who
le life, 
but they make our lives whole." 
~ Roger Caras
"In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."
GarLind Ridge Collies-AKC Registered           
We do EXTENSIVE testing on our collies to produce the healthiest puppies possible. All Garlind Ridge Collies are:
Garlind Ridge Collies are screened for more than 150 common, inherited diseases and will provide valuable insight into your dog's metabolism, immune system, heart health, vision and more -Canine Health check to test for over 150 additional diseases