Gift List Manager


Gift List Manager

Gift List Manager is a powerful, flexible tool for tracking gifts and purchases for any occasion. Gift List Manager instantly shows you at a glance how many items you've purchased, how many you have left to purchase, how much you've spent, and how much you're still planning on spending. You can easily organize people into groups and subgroups.

How to upgrade from Free to Pro
After purchasing the Pro version from the Market, you can transfer all of your data by simply doing the following:

1) In the Free version, select "Backup" to make a copy of your data
2) In the Pro version, select "Restore" to import all of your data

After verifying that your data has been transferred you can uninstall the Free version.

How to reset a forgotten password
1) Do a "backup", make sure you have the "GIFTLISTDB" file on your SD card.
2) Uninstall Gift List Manager
3) Reinstall Gift List Manager
4) Restore
5) If you would like to set a new password, you may do so at this point.

Getting Started
Gift List Manager is very simple to use. At the top level, you create occasions, such as Christmas or Birthdays. Select an occasion, and you can now add a person. After adding a person select them to see their shopping list. Use the button on the bottom of the screen to launch the New Gift screen, which allows you to enter gift information.


1) Backup and Restore Data - pressing the phone's menu button brings up the menu options. These include backup data and restore data. By selecting "backup" data, you will be prompted to confirm the creation of a file called GIFTLISTDB on your SD card (or other external storage). This file is a complete backup of all of the data you currently have entered into the program. Selecting restore will read the GiFTLISTDB file from the external storage.
 * Note - some devices don't default the location to the root of the SD Card. If you have difficulty performing a restore when switching to a new device, do the following:
     a) Perform a backup on your old device - keep the GIFTLISTDB file somewhere safe
     b) On your new device, do a backup, even if you don't have any data entered yet.
     c) Look for the GIFTLISTDB file on your new device. It should be either in the root of the SD Card or the main memory.
     d) Copy the GIFTLISTDB file from your old device to the location identified on your new device.
     e) Perform a restore on your new device.

2) Change password - allows you to create or change a password for Gift List Manager.

3) Enable/Disable password lock - when the password lock feature is enabled, Gift List Manager will automatically lock anytime the program is exited, including simply turning off the screen or launching another app.

4) Long-press - many more advanced options are available by long-pressing (press and hold) on an item, either an occasion, a group, a person, or a present. You can do things like delete all gifts (to reuse an occasion), move to new group, copy people from another occasion, and more.
    Long press on an occasion gives you the following options:
        1) Shopping List - view a list of all unpurchased items for that occasion sorted alphabetically by recipient
        2) Clear Gifts - keeps all of the people and groups you've set up for the occasion, but removes all gift information.
            This is particularly useful if you would like to reuse an occasion.
        3) Rename - allows you to change the name of an occasion.
        4) Delete - deletes the occasion, removing all people, groups, and gifts information.

    Long press on a person gives you the following options:
        1) Move this to another group - allows you move the person to a group within that occasion.
        2) Share this persons list (Pro Only) - allows you to email the just list for this person for this occasion.
        3) Rename - allows you to rename the person
        4) Delete - deletes the person from this occasion, including all gift information for this person for this occasion.
****** PRO ONLY FEATURES ********

5) Scan a gift - if you have a barcode and the ZXing barcode scanner app installed, you can scan a gift instead of entering the information manually. GLM will automatically retrieve the name and description of the item from the internet, as well as the average price reported from several different sellers.

6) Snap a photo - on the gift details screen, click the "Take a Photo" box. A chooser dialog will ask if you want to use the camera or the gallery. If you choose the gallery, simply browse to the picture you would like to use and select it. To take a new picture, select the camera from the chooser dialog to launch the camera app. Snap a photo of the gift, click done and save! You now have a visual record of the gift stored with your list!

7) Share a list of items left to purchase - you can share your shopping lists via email or text messaging, and you can share as much or as little as you like! From the main screen that lists all the occasions, you can select the share list option from the menu. This will share all of your unpurchased items for all occasions. You can also long press on an occasion and select "share list" or open an occasion and select "share list" from the menu. This will limit the sharing to just that occasion. In the same way, you can also share just one person's list!

8) Themes - you can change a theme for a given occasion. Open an occasion, and from the menu, select "theme" and choose the theme you would like to apply. This theme will be set for that occasion. Using this method, you can set different themes for different occasions. You can also download new theme packs from the market using the "Download themes" option on the theme selector dialog.


This app does not collect personal information, nor does it track usage or user activity.

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