Gari D. Clifford, PhD, SMIEEE.                                

Gari's ECG

I am currently on faculty at the University of Oxford where I lecture on Biomedical Signal Processing & Instrumentation, Mathematics, and Machine Learning/AI. I am also the Associate Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Healthcare Innovation at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and a member of the Systems Analysis, Modelling and Prediction Group (SAMP), both in the Department of Engineering Science. I am on the editorial boards of the Institute of Physics Journal, Physiological Measurement, and the Open Access Journal BioMedical Engineering Online. I am also on the International Advisory Board for PhysioNet and a fellow of Kellogg College. 

From 2003-2009 I was a Principal Research Scientist in the Laboratory for Computational Physiology at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences where I managed a R01 NIH-funded research program, "Integrating Data, Models, and Reasoning in Critical Care", and a part-time contributor to the well-known PhysioNet Research Resource. I studied Physics and Electronics for my undergraduate degree, I have a Masters in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from Southampton University and a Ph.D. in Neural Networks and Biomedical Engineering from Oxford University. I have taught at OxfordMIT and Harvard, and I am currently an Instructor in Biomedical Engineering at MIT and a Lecturer in Medicine at Harvard. I am a Senior Member of the IEEE and have worked in industry on the design and production of several CE- and FDA-approved medical devices. I am a Scientific Advisor for various hardware and software companies including E-Trolz, who manufacture hardware for recording electrophysiological signals.  

My research interests include multidimensional biomedical signal processing, noise analysis, missing data, ECG and cardiovascular modeling and supervised and unsupervised learning from massive temporal biomedical databases. I am also building out an extensive program in intelligent diagnostics for resource-constrained environments. More information on my research can be found here. I publish widely on these topics, including a book on Advanced Methods for ECG Analysis, which is co-edited by Francisco Azuaje and Patrick McSharry, and is published by Artech House