Dipak ghose

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citizens concerned for the poor
Although the Indian economy has been growing at a stellar rate of about 6% per annum since the mid-1980s, and over 8% per annum since 2005, this growth has not been adequately inclusive or its benefits widely shared, particularly in rural areas. Rising disparities and inequality are evident. There are talks of two India- a land of increasing contrasts. 

We are concerned about the continuously increasing number of the poor and  the widening gap between the poor and the rich in our country. We are worried that this situation strikes at the very root of social democracy in our country.

CITIZENS CONCERNED FOR THE POOR is a group of like minded persons from all walks of life to discuss and deliver plans and programme for total eradication of of poverty among our populace during the course of next 10 years. 

Our maiden venture is Targeting Garibi Hatao, a document that tells our ideas about making poverty alleviation programme more effective. Contributors are Dipak Ghose,former IAS and ex MLA, Pulak Narayan Dhar,former Reader,Political Science,Moulana Abul Azad College, Kolkata, Prof Dilip Halder, former Head of the Economics Department, Jadavpur University and Dr. Pradip Har, Director, Creditwatch.