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Cells and Heredity

Cells are the basic unit of structure and function inside all living things. DNA is a substance carrying organism's genetic information. Also known as a nucleic acid molecule in the form of a twisted double strand double helix that is the major component of chromosomes and carries genetic information.

  • Cellular Structure and Function
  • Cell Organelles
  • Microscopes
  • Photosynthesis
  • Cellular Respiration
  • Cellular Division
  • Heredity and Genetics
  • Bioengineering
  • Darwin's Theory of Evolution
  • Evidence of Evolution

Cells and Heredity Virtual Labs

DNA Mutation Virtual Lab


Cellular Virtual Pursuit Virtual Lab


Cell Structure and Function Lab

Biotechnology Virtual Lab

Punnett Squares

Skin Cancer Investigation

Alien Baby Boom

Knocking out Genes Virtual Lab

Gene Splicing Virtual Lab

Gene Regulation and Mutation Virtual Lab

Sex Linked Traits Virtual Lab

Punnet Squares Virtual Lab

How to Identify Cancer Cells Virtual Lab

Cellular Pursuit Virtual Lab

Enzyme Reactions Virtual Lab

RNA and DNA Sequencing Virtual Lab

Cells and Water Virtual Lab

Passing Traits to Offspring Virtual Lab

Cells and Heredity Review Games

NYS Living Environment Review



Cells Review by Topic

Heredity Review by Topic

Cells and Heredity Regents Review Questions

Cells and Heredity Interactive Regents Review Questions

Past Living Environment Regents Exams

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Living Environment Dictionary

The Mixed-Up Cells

Interactive Review of Cells



Role Playing game featuring cell structures and functions.

Cell Structure and Function Entertainment
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(Role Playing Style)

Into an Animal Cell
(Mario Brothers Style)

Cell Organelles
(Wild Wild Taxi Style)

Cell Structure and Function
(Nothing But Net Style)

Plant Cell Escape
(Mario Brothers Style)

Cell Parts
(Ping Pong Style)

Cell "What am I?"
(Golf Style)

Cellular Pursuit Virtual Lab

(Trivial Pursuit Style)

Cells Alive


Cell Structure and Function Lab

(Lab Identification)

Tour of Animal and Plant Cell

(Virtual Tour)

Cell Command

Epic game playing as Cell

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Crazy Plant Shop

Epic game playing as Genetics Plant Shop Owner

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Life Science Games

Living Things:

Cells and Heredity BrainPop Videos and Quizzes


Cells and Heredity Simulations/Visualizations

Virtual Cell Tour


Cells Through Different Microscopes


Stages of Cell Division


Mendel's Experiment


Punnett Squares

Matching Finch Beaks to Food

Dichotomous Key

Active Transport




Protein Synthesis

Living Environment Audio Book

Divided by Topic

DNA Heroes
Difficult but fun DNA building game
School Science Clips

To play the "BBC School Science Clips" visit
Covers a variety of topics in science for many age levels

Switch Zoo
Create a Hybrid Animal

Bioman Games

Cell Defense

Photosynthesis and Respiration

Snurfle Meiosis and Genetics

Snurfle Meiosis and Genetics 2

Meiosis Battle Pong

Protein Synthesis Race

Angry Aliens Evolution

DNA Detective
Forensic Science and DNA

Noble Prize Games
Build DNA in this interactive game
Organelle sorting game

Punnett Square Virtual Practice

Furry Family
Create a Furry Family using Punnett Squares and Genetics

Learn Genetics
Build DNA in this interactive website
Translate with RNA in this interactive website
Overview of Genetics with great visuals

The Gene Scene
Quizzes, games, and lessons on DNA

DNA Interactive Timeline
Interactive timeline of important events in DNA history

Dragon Breeder

Deep within the membrane of a giant egg, an ancient and dangerous creature lies dormant - a dragon! 

Learn about genetic inheritance as you breed dragon species, complete phenotype missions and meet monstrous creatures in a cloud-hopping sky world! Become the dragon master by breeding all types of dragons.

NOTE: Requires registration

Biology in Motion
Interactive Evolution Activity

Java Genetics
Interactive Punnett Square Activity

CrashCourse Biology

Cells and Heredity Videos
Estimated 10 minutes Each

Animal Cells

Cell Membrane and Transport

Plant Cells


DNA Structure




Cells and Genetics Music Videos
Songs with Lyrics
(all songs created by Mr Parr science teacher)





Ted-ed Cells/Heredity Videos
Thought provoking videos on the topic of cells and heredity. Enjoy!

Cell vs. virus: A battle for health

What causes antibiotic resistance?

How do cancer cells behave differently from healthy ones?

How Mendel's pea plants helped us understand genetics

How to sequence the human genome

The twisting tale of DNA

RNAi: Slicing, dicing and serving your cells

DNA: The book of you

Where do genes come from?

Student Videos
Videos created and performed by Helen Tejada and Eliza Grose

Amino Acids Make a Protein

Cell City