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Science Website
Mr. Garguilo is a science teacher at Sleepy Hollow Middle School in Sleepy Hollow, NY. He instructs in the area of 7th grade science. 
Mr. Garguilo  hosts three clubs at school. The Environmental Action Club focuses on the preservation of the planet Earth. The Strategic Games Club focuses on having fun through honorable competition. The Headless Horse-bots is a FIRST Lego League robotics competition team.
Mr. Garguilo is a member of  team 7 White Yetis.
This website is a resource for Mr. Garguilo's science students and parents.
The website has resources such as class notes for students under the "Science 7" tab.
This website also serves as a  medium for club members to enjoy.

Mr. Garguilo was quoted on the National Wildlife Federation website
see attached file NWF Case Study October 2010
Mr. Garguilo was quoted in NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)
See attached file NSTA Reports Article October 2010

Contact Mr. Garguilo: mgarguilo@tufsd.org 

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